Arbil / News Network Iraq met Kurdistan Region Security Council adviser, on Wednesday evening, deputy envoy to the United States in Iraq, Stephanie Williams, said, "After the liberation of Mosul will range problems." According to a statement Kurdistan Region Security Council, the discussions focused on the the importance of the military needs it secure, and political campaign edit subject areas under the control of terrorists (Daesh), confirmed Msroraly the need for a political agreement between the components of Iraq. "he said:" we believe it is necessary to solve the differences of ethnic, religious, and political in Iraq, "stressing that we see after edit Mosul several problems will appear, so there must be a political agreement between the plug on the city administration, before the start of the military campaign, and will be such a convention task in securing stability and security. "he added the statement, he was at the meeting, emphasizing the secure military Ahitajat Peshmerga forces and increase aid humanity to the Kurdistan region, to the fact that it is expected that others displaced up to the Kurdistan region in the battle to liberate Mosul.