[ltr][b]BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq envoy of US President Barack Obama for the International Alliance Brett Macgork said, that Iraqi forces are determine the zero hour for the battle to liberatethe city of Mosul from Daesh. He Macgork at a news conference in Washington, on Friday evening: " The Iraqi forces are will determine the date of starting the process of liberalization of Mosul and Sndamanm when they are ready to move. [b]"He[/b] stressed the importance of protecting the populationof Mosul , " he said . "We want to know where to move the displaced Fdaash trying to kill them."He pointed Macgork that " the Iraqi air Force will deliver publications in addition to the role ofradio stations will be people about safe ways to get out , or how to keep protect themselves and avoid damage to the military and we want to make sure that the population of Mosul know enough to protect himself. "[/b][/ltr]