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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Rapid progress in the Heat Island forcing the second setback for the security forces in Salahuddin



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Rapid progress in the Heat Island forcing the second setback for the security forces in Salahuddin

Post by rocky on Sun 09 Oct 2016, 2:40 am

Rapid progress in the Heat Island forcing the second setback for the security forces in Salahuddin

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

So on Saturday morning, the joint forces in Salahuddin looking for gunmen who had infiltrated, Friday evening, to the West liberated from Sharqat. And a policeman were killed during the operation, and blew up the barracks and a number of military vehicles.
And as local leaders in Sharqat, the number of hackers from around 40 Daesh element, they bring with them light weapons and explosive devices, and controlled for a few hours to a few homes.
He said the first attack of its kind, two weeks after the liberation of the city, which was implemented to organize high and in large numbers, some of them managed to circumvent the points of Iraqi control.
For that decline, troops advanced remarkably in the north of gray, during the past 48 hours, exceeded the ceiling of operations to engage in the Heat Island, which was part of the second axis for military operations, which was launched last month.
The Abadi has announced, on 20 September, the launch of liberalization spend Sharqat operations and the islands of gray and white.
And the payment of the rapid collapse of Daesh in the north of Ramadi, according to the leaders of the field, to continue military operations at a faster pace.
The combined forces succeeded yet, 72 hours from the start of operations, liberalization of the right side of Sharqat spend, which accounts for about 70% of the city area.
Rags in Sharqat
But the breach of security last witnessed in Sharqat, may lead to re-evaluate operations in the western and northern Alqataan of the country, despite the confirmation of field commanders that they expect such a Khrouk.aly Although Lyons mighty, a prominent tribal militant leaders against "Daesh" in salads, prepared to "expected it."
Lyons said the mighty, one of the leaders of the tribal factions in Salahuddin, (range), "we anticipate this happening, Vamuslhon trapped in the left bank of Sharqat, and trying to look for any moral victory, but the first organization process and in large numbers."
It is expected the mighty, who oversees the force (the tremendous illiteracy) of the popular crowd, and that the frequency of attacks in the liberated areas rise in the coming days, after losing Daesh most of its territory.
The leader of the clan that "more than 30 component of Daesh slipped, after ten o'clock on Friday evening, to the right bank of Sharqat, using canoes to cross the Tigris River." And it enables hackers, according to the powerful, to overcome the military points to the crowd and federal police, deployed on the banks of the river.
He added the mighty "The other elements of the wrap behind the back of the security points, and blew up a military wheel and killed a policeman."
After the bypass control points, taking advantage of the density of the area of ​​trees, got a foothold and occupied four homes near the river bank. Two hours later, he was killed 15 of the attacking force, also found eight more bodies floating in the river after he tried another section of them go back to the Left Bank, according to the leader of the clan.
Militants have used during the attack "light weapons", in addition to improvised explosive devices, through which they could "blow up" 51 Major mechanisms center, destroying the bulldozer and other machinery.
But Lyons mighty believed that "the attack is evidence of the weakness of Daesh and his sense of loss and besieged," pointing to "the existence of sleeper cells and gunmen hiding inside the tunnels in the editor section of Sharqat."
Pointing out that the Daesh continued to disrupt hand flag, freed last year, for two months, adding that the joint forces killed 100 gunmen after the liberation of hand.
Sent Salahuddin operations, after the infiltration Daesh to Sharqat, immediate reinforcements to the judiciary, while combing the area and secure lasted until the early hours of yesterday morning.
And confirms the field leaders in Salahuddin, said that morale Daesh began to crumble there, and revealed a 11 insurgents in eastern Tikrit surrender, last week, to the tribal fighters, security and other parties.
Recently returned, more than 50% of the displaced people Sharqat to the West Bank of the judiciary, despite the fact that the organization is still hitting the city with mortars from the left coast.
During the past two months, fled about 100 thousand people from Sharqat, while preferred about 350 thousand others to stay in their homes.
And managed the local government, restore water and part of the electric power, while trying to run the oil refinery there, despite falling into the goal Daesh fire, the incidence on the right coast of the city.
She stressed the Government of Salahuddin, recently, to secure the province "will not be completed until after the liberation of the left coast of Sharqat, which is linked to edit the restoration of Hawija."
This is the second time that the security forces and the army are exposed to a setback in the liberated areas in less than a month. The security forces had forced, on 26 September last, to withdraw from the village Azwaip, north of Baiji, after hours of editing.
Rapid progress in Anbar
Unlike the situation in Sharqat, joint forces have managed backed tribal forces to register significant progress in the north of gray. Two days after the storming of Albu Assaf area, and the island of Albu Ali Jassim, north of Ramadi, troops continued their advance quickly enter into the first Heat Island areas.
Said Ghassan Ithawi, a spokesman for the Anbar tribes, in an interview with the (range), "During the past 48 hours, there was a large and fast provision of the band 10 of the Iraqi army in the liberation Trabshh area and the angle of the Albu Nimr north of Ramadi."
It was scheduled, according to the military plan, Anbar operations stop at the borders Trabshh area. But Ithawi pointed out that "the collapse of the rapid Daesh in those areas pay the troops to advance to the Heat Island and the liberalization of the first known Black Tel areas." And raise the population in those areas, white flags and welcomed the entry of troops to their villages.
According to the leader of the clan, "the Anbar operations decided not to evacuate anyone home," he said, adding that the security checks did not record the presence of any suspects.
In the meantime, the crowd tribal forces liberated areas caught, a measure that has been applied in both the north and the island of gray areas.
Ithawi asserts that "what happened edit operations in the north of gray areas, have been record time in the vast distances."

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