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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Financial Times: divisions within the components represent a danger to Iraq



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Financial Times: divisions within the components represent a danger to Iraq

Post by rocky on Sun 09 Oct 2016, 2:44 am

Financial Times: divisions within the components represent a danger to Iraq

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He told the Financial Times newspaper warned of the political and social divisions faced by Iraq in conjunction with his willingness to fight a decisive battle with Daesh in Mosul. 
And as pointed out that the fragmentation affected all the key components, which some see as a positive thing to point out sectarian Altakndqat, but the newspaper saw that it threatens to undermine Iraq 's efforts allies, Iran and America, who want a unified country , a strong government. 
She says writer Erika Solomon, he said that " the political elite, which came after the US invasion in 2003, have been fighting among themselves, especially the main ingredients, and Iraqis are accustomed to their differences, remained differences sandwiched between community to another, but today it has moved to thesame block, where it became each block are competing with each other , and ally itself with the other, to achieve real - time interests, as allied Sunni parties with other Shiite to get rid of the Minister of the Sunni defense Khaled al - Obeidi, and as it did the Kurdish parties against Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who was supported by the Kurds in his battle with parliament. " 
she said Solomon, in its report, that" at a time when Iraqi politicians see it as the developments positive side, and they began to go beyond sectarianism, but others see it as alliances topical political tactics to settle accounts. " 
According to British author that the infighting is going on at a time when Baghdad struggles to recover beyond the control of areas of the organization Daesh, and is preparing its forces for an attack on the city of Mosul, and tackle the economic crisis caused by the fall in oil prices. the 
report also pointed out that the vice Shiite opposition to the President Minister Haider al - Abadi, said that "the most important challenges facing this country are Shiite Shiite differences, Sunni, Sunni, Kurdish and Kurdish that will occur , " and added: " The next battle will come quickly." 
attaches the Financial Times newspaper that all "political and sectarian blocs built militias own when packing began against al Daesh, and there are fears that leads its existence to the internal fighting between different groups, such as Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, with each party trying to build a base of support in thecommunities in which it operates within it , it affects the dispute in the building efforts for political and military alliances coherent especially that patrons Iraq , the Americans and the Iranians have an interest in theestablishment of a strong government; to maintain their interests. " 
the movement of the press the British Ramzi Mardini, an analyst at the Atlantic Council, as saying:" instead of uniting the country, and building a strong executive body against al Daesh, the war against organize Daesh torn Iraq on society are all levels of the state. " 
He added Mardini" US influence will decline further when the find itself dealing with political players many inthe political arena. " the 
report points out that the disturbances began when Abadi tried to implement a number of reforms to ease thepopular fret against the corrupt political class, only to find that his efforts thwarted; for fear of politicians from the loss of political influence. 
speaks SOLOMON political problems, which centered in parliament, where he broke into the MPs are opposed to Ebadi parliament and hold fast to it in April and opening opponents Abadi in the last month investigations against his allies, and isolated minister defense Khalid al - Obeidi. The role after the Finance Minister ,Hoshyar Zebari, noting that they Mnbban important ongoing campaign against al Daesh, and continue toreport Haggreyn.oavid that political fragmentation hits farther from Baghdad, which threatens the Iraqi political system in the future, in areas that have suffered from the chaos and political upheaval in Anbar tribes threaten to retaliate against its competitors, who are accused in alliance with al Daesh, although these claims have not been verified, while the players , local trying to exploit the unrest, and strengthen their leadership. 
The movement of the Financial Times , Sheikh Abdul Wahab Albiloa, one of the elders of Anbar, saying , "we have nine tribes in Anbar have to repudiate the elderly, even if the government allowed them to enter, this will lead certainly to fighting me." 
She drew the British newspaper that the division was clear even among the small minority, in Iraqi Kurdistan, split Yezidis on an alliance with the Kurds and come out their differences after they faced murder and displacement at the hands of the organization Daesh. He says aid worker: "It does not stop at Tcherzmna more than the past, but fragmentation can not control it." 
Says Solomon that despite all this, many Iraqi politicians seem oblivious of the dangers of division. In discussion with the Sunni politician, has regained a sense of joy role played by he and his colleagues to overthrow Balobeida, and laughed when I asked him about the positions of the Iraqi voters, he replied thatthey are interested in the elections, noting that " the Iraqis a short memory."

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