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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Mosul ... the battle of Iraq, the most "ambitious and complex" and Washington has made efforts "stre



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Mosul ... the battle of Iraq, the most "ambitious and complex" and Washington has made efforts "stre

Post by rocky on Sun 09 Oct 2016, 3:13 am

UN warns of a major humanitarian crisis in Mosul
Mosul ... the battle of Iraq, the most "ambitious and complex" and Washington has made efforts "strenuous" to understand the motives of the participants

Author: AB, HAA, HH 
Editor: AB, HH 
10/8/2016 17:14 
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed the State Department's special envoy to the coalition forces Brett Makourk on Saturday, for the completion of the required supplies for the battle to liberate Mosul, and counted the most "ambitious and complex" battle that the Iraqi government waged against al (Daesh), and as pointed out that 30,000 fighters will take part in the battle, he stressed "exert strenuous efforts to understand the political motives of the various parties involved in the Aerkh."
Brett said Makourk in a press interview with the State Department building, the newspaper reported (Washington Post), and I followed (the long-Presse), said that "the task of retrieving the city contains more than a million people will serve as a military operation can not be expected to watch it in a big way, and will be of strong momentum is Set ", returned from battle" over military operations ambitious and complex, which will be handled by the Iraqi government against al Daesh since it invaded the country in 2014, with about 30,000 Iraqi fighter. "  
He Makourk, that "there is a humanitarian necessity had to take out the militants (Daesh) from Mosul as soon as possible, but that the city recover and maintain complete its territory would be an enormous task," he "made a lot of painstaking efforts to understand the political motives of the various parties involved in the battle as well as the creation of humanitarian aid, which will be vital, and discuss how to organize local government after the end of the battle. "
And saw the American newspaper, the Makourk comments come after weeks of discussions conducted by American and Iraqi officials over whether the measures taken "adequate" to wage the battle, taking into consideration the "political and sectarian chronic disputes between armed groups that then ally themselves with each other against al Daesh in this battle "in addition to fears of" humanitarian crisis "that could arise from the battle predicted displaced more than a million people of the city with.
And stresses the newspaper, that Makourk "acknowledged" those concerns promised that in a time when all the transitional side details unresolved after-battle, this is "has succeeded in a coordinated manner" in other cities recovered by Iraq of al Daesh, describing expectations probability displacement million someone to "theoretical possibilities", unlikely to occur, saying that that there is equipment and accessories will be ready to receive the 750,000 displaced people.
He Makourk According to the newspaper, that "the attempt to resolve and resolve everything before the battle of Mosul would make it remain under the control of Daesh," adding that "the battle is the battle of Mosul, the crucial moment and provide a momentum factor."
He Makourk, that "the firmness factor is next to the Iraqi armed forces," stressing that "setting a date to launch the battle client to the Iraqi side."
She US newspaper, that "a spokesman for the coalition forces in Iraq, Lt. Col. John Dorian consistent with Mkourk estimates about the possibility of determining the date of the start of the battle, where he was quoted as saying," We reached the stage of preparations which are waiting for the Iraqi side that initiates in determining his position and his decision in determining the date that will be ready to wage the battle. "
[rtl]He said Dorian, that "the US military advisers are busy now Bmhh training the last meal of the population of 12 Iraqi army brigade will participate in the battle," stressing that "each brigade comprises between 800 to 1,600 troops."[/rtl]
The organization (Daesh) took over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), before extending his terrorist activities for many other areas of Iraq and is committed where "many violations" promised local and global points of "crimes against humanity and genocide."

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