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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Just MINUTES Before The Debate Trump And Pence Give Race-Changing Announcement



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Just MINUTES Before The Debate Trump And Pence Give Race-Changing Announcement

Post by Lobo on Sun 9 Oct - 21:08

Just MINUTES Before The Debate Trump And Pence Give Race-Changing Announcement
Posted by Alex Cooper | Oct 9, 2016 | Breaking News

Just Minutes Before The 2nd Debate A Monumental Announcement Was Given
The past 48 hours have been a trying time for Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The illegally recorded and leaked audio file has made national news and highlights a few choice words from over a decade ago.
The leak couldn’t have come at a more “coincidental” time. Over the past few weeks, the Hillary Campaign has watched as Trump’s support has grown dramatically. Thousands of Americans are turning out for his rallies and even biased liberal polls have been forced to show his growing lead.
Do not be mistaken. They have had the tape recording this entire time. Yet, they didn’t plan on having to release it this early on in the race. American Thinker reported on this specifically, stating that the Clinton campaign went into full panic mode after the first wave of Julian Assange’s “October Surprise”:
The leak of an old hot mic recording of a private conversation between a TV host and Trump probably was originally scheduled for the Friday before Election Day.  But the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary could not be allowed to dominate the weekend pre-debate chatter.
By releasing the tape now, it also allows establishment republicans a final chance to take a stand against Trump. These are the same exact Republicans that eat at the same dinner with Obama and his team of crooks in Washington. These are the same Republicans that have failed the American People in legislative bodies despite the fact that they have held majority power for literally years.
After the media hurricane that ensued with the new footage of Trump, he went before the American People to make a statement:

His statement was a testament to the resolve of a man who has fought for months against a rigged system. Remember all of the “experts” who said he would never last during the first Primary?
One thing those experts fail to realize is that the American People are the ones that matter. Our borders are pathetic. We have had 62 terror attacks on our own soil in 2016 alone. Jobs in non-bureaucratic industries have vanished and people all over the country have been left without jobs or means to provide for their families.
It doesn’t matter how many of those “experts” you put in a room. At the end of the day, what matters is results. The American People have been lied to. Think they are going to take another 4 years of this nonsense? It’s not even a question; our country won’t last another 4 years with 500% more illegal immigrants flooding into this country.
And now, just minutes before the debate, poll numbers are beginning to reflect what’s really going on in American culture. The Politico poll and report released shows Donald Trump’s  numbers; they went down a measly 1%.
Following up on that, Mike Pence gave the valiant response needed in this time of trial and tribulation for Trump. BPR captured the following sentiments from Mr. Pence:

“Invariably, they’ll say, this time we got him. This time we found that there’s another tweet come out or something,” Pence told the crowd. “This time we got another thing, another issue that’s come forward.”
The team of liberal crooks thought they could destroy the will of a people with a clip of audio footage. Yet, in the wake of chaos and party turmoil, Trump and the American People stand strong against the lies, deceit, and corruption that has caused the vigor of a once powerful nation to become stagnant and frail.

The Same People Attacking Trump Are The Ones That Completely Covered Up Clinton’s Email Scandal
Trump and the American People stand strong against Obama’s state department that armed the same Syrian rebels responsible for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and his fellow Patriots in Benghazi.
Trump and the American People stand strong against Obama’s failed border security that has led to 62 terror attacks on our own land in just the past 9 months.

Trump and the American People stand strong against Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase the influx of radicalized jihadist refugees by 500%. The numbers don’t lie. Such an increase would lead to almost 9 terror attacks each week in America.
Trump and the American People stand strong against the failed economic policies that have caused millions of Americans to lose not only their jobs, but their way of life.
Trump and the American People stand strong against the insidious encroachment of American values that have led to disgusting policies such as Obama’s transgendered bathrooms and the defunding of the VA.
It’s clear that literal revolution is upon us. Let us not forget that countless Americans have bled and died to defend the sacred ideals liberals now spit on.

Men Of Old Who Braved It All For God And Country
Let the 2nd debate be a testament to the energy of a people that cannot be stopped. In these final days of the election, continue to bear intellectual arms against the lies and hatred around us. Together, we will lead this land into prosperity, freedom, and strength.

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