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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Crowd Najafi: 2500 Fighter of Mosul were using "Used Weapons



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Crowd Najafi: 2500 Fighter of Mosul were using "Used Weapons

Post by rocky on Mon 10 Oct 2016, 3:32 am

Crowd Najafi: 2500 Fighter of Mosul were using "Used Weapons"

bgdad / Reuters 

Abu Mahmoud a member of the force is dominated by Sunni Arabs, comprising 2,500 fighters were prepared to launch an attack on the organization Daesh in the Iraqi city of Mosul has heard from relatives that the organization threatens to cut off the head of the talk about the "liberation" .olm deter this threat, but what worries him is the lack of support from the central government.
Said Abu Mahmoud, (42 years), "The most important thing we need is arms and government support." He declined to give his full name, like all of them spoke, told Reuters at a training camp in Bashiqa. He hopes Abu Mahmoud, who covered his face so as not to recognize it fighters regulation and targeted his family, he could with the other fighters in the strength of the national crowd of wresting control of Mosul of the organization and save the population and in the process is expected to begin within weeks.
It will lead the Iraqi army with Peshmerga fighters attack the Kurds which is one of the most important military operations in Iraq years ago in order to take out elements of the organization of the last major stronghold of them and create a situation to stabilize in the long term.
However, the complaints of fighters and commanders in the strength of the national crowd from a lack of weapons from the Baghdad government highlights the differences which may impair the attack as well as the chances of achieving the sectarian and ethnic reconciliation.
The assembly took power, which trains about five hours a day at the camp, the former governor of Mosul Liberation of Iraq, a Sunni politicians, in 2014 after a long period of non-Daesh invasion of northern Iraq without being thrown resistance from the army. A number of leaders of the force that Najafi bought used weapons to fighters from the markets. After exposure the camp to a missile attack by an intense regulation deployment of Turkish trainers six tanks along the camp in May 2015.
Although men have benefited from the training, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has warned that the Turkish military presence in Iraq could spark a regional war.
Last week, the Turkish parliament agreed to extend the order to the military presence in Iraq for another year to address the organizations described as "terrorist organizations."
At first glance it seems the fighters discipline their clothes stylish military jackets and tunics. Many of the leaders of the former army officers who were serving in the era of Saddam Hussein.
And let others have their positions during the blitz, launched by fighters Daesh at Mosul and the rest of the province of Nineveh, and almost threatening the capital city of Baghdad itself.
He drew the coach Mishan Jubouri Speaking to a group of men sitting in front of him listening to him, "There are two types of missiles. This is what you're doing if stuck." And every now and then hesitated between the corners of the mountains near the echoes of explosions, mortar rounds fired during training in a rural atmosphere where patrons riding without twenty donkeys They drew flocks of sheep. Turks have offered basic training is that the focus has been on urban warfare. He said Iraqi leaders that the United States also provided training earlier this year and has participated in several joint attacks on the goals of the organization.Brigadier-General Mohammad Yahya, commander of the camp, said that in 2500 a fighter ready to battle, and he can get the proper support and mobilize twice that number of fighters.
What remains Yahya, 59, feels bitterness for the United States to demobilize the Iraqi army in 2003. He believes that this was the first step in weakening the Sunnis who dominated the centers of power under Saddam.
A government spokesman in Baghdad said "the government does not provide direct support for national crowd because it is not part of the popular crowd and there is no coordination between the two." In theory, the popular crowd is subject to the leadership of Prime Minister al-Abadi.
The spokesman added, "despite the fact that Shiites represent the majority in the popular crowd it includes the year in the ranks." He denied accusations that the government supports the Shiites only and does not support the year.
He said that the popular crowd forces composed of 110 thousand men between 25 thousand and 30 thousand of them a year.
Sunni force has put itself in jeopardy It maintained the camp 13 kilometers from the front line with al Daesh.And it has several gaps caused by shrapnel in the walls of the wheelhouse at the camp plaster cover to keep the ticket with a series of rocket attacks by al Daesh this year. Many of the fighters, believed to be the major stakeholders in the fight because they are from Mosul, and their friends and relatives killed by its fighters.
He said Ali Ahmed said this self-interest must be put at the forefront of the attack force and assume control of Mosul.

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