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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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New York Times: Obama wants edit Mosul Bush's way when Iraq occupied



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New York Times: Obama wants edit Mosul Bush's way when Iraq occupied

Post by rocky on Mon 10 Oct 2016, 3:36 am

New York Times: Obama wants edit Mosul Bush's way when Iraq occupied

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

While Iraqi and US forces prepare to retake the city of Mosul, the Obama administration describes the next battle in Mosul major Aqaba before declaring victory against Daesh terrorist group. 
Feel Former officials and humanitarian organizations involved in relief of civilians worried that President Obama will arrive in Mosul , the same problem that haunted his predecessor George W. Bush over the war on Iraq, and the lack of a comprehensive plan for after the battle. 
Crown Nasr, a former official in the US State Department, says , "there is an attempt to get the job done quickly, and of course would defeat Daesh very important and symbolic, but without a detailed arrangement of how to judge the city after the victory, the extremists might return to reappear. " 
However, the Obama administration officials hate the delay in the planned launch process soon, Mtsourin that the delay will be the scene more, especially as the arrangements for the battle prepared by Washington two years ago, but did not announce the zero hour, that 's what worries officials in the US administration. 
Washington administration is risky given that the future of the region is inhabited by a torrent of ethnic and religious groups as possible to break out conflicts between them for a moment to defeat militants Daesh, and this prompted US officials to work as mediators to calm the positions between the warring groups. All indications are that the restoration of Mosul will be through the stages, as is the case in the restoration ofRamadi last December, when Iraqi troops surrounded the city first and then gradually moved to the position, as is the position taken by US forces when they attacked the regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003. 
militarily, the Iraqi forces will storm Mosul the same approach in Ramadi and other cities, it is a risky task.And take part in the liberation of Mosul, twelve brigade of the Iraqi army in Qayyarah base , about 40 miles south of Mosul, as well as the role of the Peshmerga fighters , who are based in the north and help isolate Almedinh.opalnhih, will fall on the counter - terrorism apparatus carry out the attack, the given that this device underwent its elements to the quality of training by US Special forces, viewed by many American officials themost reliable Iraqi force, to Tvennha in the fighting and achieved victory quickly. 
An estimated US intelligence analysts, the survival of between 3,000 to 4,500 armed al Daesh in Mosul , they are a mix of Iraqi insurgents and foreign recruits who are falling steadily as a result of air strikes carried out by the international coalition for the past few months. 
the most significant losses suffered by the organization, the killing , known as Abu Omar Chechen and one of the senior commanders of the terrorist group , when he was killed in an air strike to March last in a town south of Mosul. 
speaks Sean McFarland, general commander of US operations in Iraq and Syria before resigning from office by telephone to the New York Times that " the organization today is suffering from scarcity of militants and recruited, after rigor followed in the common border between Turkey and Syria and Iraq." 
yet therefore, the US defense Department and its allies in the coalition led by Washington, preparing for thehardest battle which regain control of Mosul , which is currently experiencing a series of tunnels used by militants around Mosul, dig trenches and burn the oil wells and the deployment of explosives on both sides ofTrq.oathdt aides to Obama, he would like to hand over the issue of "organizing Daesh" to the next president with a focus on the issue of Iraq and put it on the right track. 
officials at the US military involved in regaining control of Mosul and admits that " the defeat of Daesh in Mosul is not the end of the caliphate, because there is tenderness, the actual capital of the organization . " . 
American officials expected, the withdrawal of gunmen from the east side of the connector, which is divided by the Tigris River, and this will lose militants West Bank , where the weight of the government center, Fighting in the West - the West - will be difficult to narrow streets and not on tanks and artillery work. 
It remains the main question remains on how Item will be securing the return of the militants Daesh her, inexchange for the participation of the popular crowd, with the strongest political weight in Iraq , the military movement, accused by an international human rights organizations of committing crimes against civilians in Fallujah. The United States, wants to secure Mosul and maintained with the participation of all the armed factions, but not these factions remain for a long time there.

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