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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Acts of revenge from the tribal families Daesh prevail Qayyarah central government releases



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Acts of revenge from the tribal families Daesh prevail Qayyarah central government releases

Post by rocky on Tue 11 Oct - 4:53

Acts of revenge from the tribal families Daesh prevail Qayyarah central government releases

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Leaders in the Iraqi army speaks, that the town of Qayyarah in conflict among civilians threatens the future of risk at the community level of security.
Gen. Karim Shuli, the deputy commander of Nineveh operations, says some residents clashed with each other in the belief that there is a link families have organized Daesh, while the army has received numerous reports of the destruction of the homes at the hands of civilians, according to Gen. Shuli.
This rebel activities and seem to undermine the work of government forces trying to regain control of the city before the end of this year. At a meeting between local leaders, held recently at the Ministry of Interior building, and General Shuli, the latter tried to be patient audience by inviting them to trust in the law, "we are not in a forest," according to his speech to the audience.
He says the man, he refused to identify itself for security reasons, said the militants Daesh blew up his house, and killed three of his brothers, and his uncle saw him beat his mother, Vered his questions justified including its future "Do you want me to shut up all this?".
In Qayyarah, the town, which lies about 20 miles south of Mosul, with a high tension between some families and militants affiliated with Al Daesh, despite the government's control of the town last month.
He says residents of the town, said that the relatives of the militants are the reason behind the destruction of the city, while the population does not see any justification for their return, blaming them of full responsibility for what Bbldthm solution.
The Qayyarah oil-rich town, sitting under the control of militants Daesh for two years. Since 2014 witnessing raids and clashes between militants Daesh and anti-regulation, but militants have taken control of the situation completely. Not to mention prefacing 60 oil tankers per day and sell them on the black market.
Soldiers and organize Daesh many local tribesmen sympathetic to the organization, according to humanitarian relief organizations, as they helped to organize Daesh execution of many civilians and the rape of their wives and their property confiscated.
In the month of August, when he was Daesh militants were preparing to flee, burning oil wells set ablaze in the vicinity of the town wells, of turning it into the smokescreen. After weeks of heavy smoke, the town has turned into a layer of soot swept buildings, dead sheep and birds.
After the gunmen left the organization of the city, it increased cases of retaliatory indiscriminate killing, people Vantahj tribal law in the liquidation of their accounts in isolation from the power of the state, which is supposed to be in control of the city after its liberation.
Hussein al-Adly, the National Reconciliation Commission in the Iraqi government adviser, says, "There is a big social issue, the government official position is against human rights violation."
The focus of tribal punishment to pay "blood money" and financial compensation for victims of the families affected by the regulation Daesh, and is determined by parental tribal leaders that the families of the victims not to retaliate against the tribe accused after the payment of such parents.
And show the power of tribal leaders, linked to the commandments and social traditions, those elders began to dabble in blood money prices, and if negotiators fail of the elders with their counterparts, they are resorting to Alantqam.ohnak cases can not be of the "friendly" to solve the problem between two disputants, Only in this case leaves of involvement with militants Daesh town immediately, otherwise his fate Alguetl.omthel these issues stand out in many cities. in the past month, local police announced over loudspeakers in Dhuluiya, 55 miles north of Baghdad, the exit of the individuals involved with al Daesh, otherwise the fate of murder at the hands of members intend to reprisals against them, as well as they are wanted by the state as supporting organization Daesh.
 from: Los Angeles Times

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