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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Maintenance of the Mosul Dam take 18 months and the Italian forces will continue to be protected eve



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Maintenance of the Mosul Dam take 18 months and the Italian forces will continue to be protected eve

Post by rocky on Tue 11 Oct 2016, 3:17 am

Italian troops will continue to protect the Mosul Dam even after the liberation of the city
Maintenance of the Mosul Dam take 18 months and the Italian forces will continue to be protected even after the liberation of the city

Author: HAA 
Editor: BK 
10.10.2016 21:57 
Number of Views: 1704

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed telling a US site, on Monday, sending the Italian government more than a thousand and 300 troops to Iraq, equipped with weapons necessary, including aircraft and equipment, within the international coalition efforts against (Daesh), and to protect the Mosul Dam strategic, while between the maintenance work the dam, which began in October now, may last another 18 months, it suggested the survival of Italian troops to defend it, a longer period of up to another two years if the situation arises, even after the liberation of the city, (405 km north of Iraq), to ensure the safety of the dam.
The site said Wurz Borng War is Boring news the US, in a report, I followed (range Press), "The Italian forces tasks in Iraq are divided between the Iraqi police training and the provision of protection of the Italian company, which holds the work of the Mosul dam maintenance, and prevent potential water as a result of a disaster collapse, "adding that" Italian troops may stay for another two years at least after the liberation of Mosul, to ensure the protection of any dam cracked threatens to collapse. "
According to the American site, that "Italian troops that have been deployed to protect the dam, and includes elements of the elite forces of its aircraft azimuth (helicopter) and the fighter and the march from a distance, might be vulnerable to fire regulation Daesh," noting that "the Italian government has sent more than a thousand and 300 troops to Iraq within the international coalition efforts against al Daesh, including a battalion of 450 soldiers of the elite forces, to provide protective measures for the site, while the strategic Mosul dam holds the engineering staff of the Trevi Italian company for engineering projects, tasks implement vital reforms to the structure of the dam cracked. "
He added Wurz Borng, that "the foundations of the pillars of the dam with a height of 113 meters, is based on the plaster base biodegradable over time what led to gaps threaten Ptsdah if water permeation them, which prompted the engineers specialists to inject gaps Balsment," pointing out that "the amount of cement injected in the gaps dam base hit since his residence in 1981, up to 95 thousand tons."
He explained the site, that "engineering Italian company, brought since its arrival in Iraq, in April 2016, equipment includes technology to draw a three-dimensional dam maps devices, with 92 wheel or heavy truck, allowing her team to the implementation of maintenance work and strengthen the dam structure than can the local maintenance team that He is doing himself, "stressing that there are" between 300 to 450 technically a resident of Italy at the dam, accompanied by about a thousand and 200 members of the Kurdish local workers. "
He continued site Wurz Borng, that "the first contingent of Italian troops, comprising a hundred element of the sixth Bersagleri Regiment troops, arrived in May 2016, an infantry elite troops of the Italian Army charged with providing protection for maintenance work the dam," noting that "power has brought with wheels for Linux Italian American armored Humvee-like wheels as well as armored personnel carriers type persons Bear resistance for the implementation of logistics tasks of mines,. because it can carry a dozen people within the protected compartment thick shield "
He said the US site, that "the regiment Bersagleri brought with him to Iraq also mortars and anti-tank weapons, accompanied by four aircraft assault-style Mongoose helicopter with four other Smteat to transport people from the model Kinman, and 130 associate Brigade Friuli Italian air defense to provide air support for the maintenance dam flying from its air base in Erbil. "
The site that "Italy had previously sent 750 soldiers to Iraq part of its efforts to fight al Daesh, the aim of the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga training, as well as the Iraqi police force, where she finished a training units in (the thirtieth of July 2016), and went nine thousand element Peshmerga forces with other elements of the Iraqi forces took part in the battles of Ramadi and Tikrit. "
He said the US site, that there is "almost a hundred element of the Italian military police, Rbnery, located in one of the nearby Baghdad rules, to train Iraqi police officers at riot skills and uncover the forensic evidence and the principles of human rights as well as the SWAT forces skills in the fight against terrorism and invalidate IEDs effect "noting that" the Trevi Italian company began maintenance work and wide-ranging reforms to the dam in October now, and the work will continue for up to another 18 months. "
And the transfer of the site, on the Italian Defence Minister, Roberta Nuti, saying that "all forces defending the dam may stay longer for up to two years if the situation arises."
Said Wurz Borng, that "while the organization Daesh has been expelled from the city of Mosul during this period, the Italian troops would remain to ensure the safety of the dam that provides electricity to more than 1,000,700 thousand Iraqis and to make sure that no new cracks threaten to collapse incidental consequence or as a result of Sabotage" .
The Iraqi government, took place in the (second from March 2016), contracts worth 273 million euros, with the company (Trevi) Italian for the maintenance of the Mosul Dam.
The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved in (the first of March 2016), the precautionary measures taken for the maintenance of the Mosul Dam.

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