BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq continued to the Turkish government, on Wednesday, her remarks provocative about the presence of troops at Camp Bashiqa in northern Iraq, noting that those troops would remain in the camp until the expulsion of the organization "Daesh" criminal of Mosul, while claiming that it would participate liberation of the city unless participates people's Protection units Kurdish Alsorah.oukal Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Naaman Kortolmos in remarks to the media Turkish today: " the Turkish troops would remain in the military camp Bashiqa in northern Iraq until the expulsion of the organization Daesh of the city of Mosul . " He added Kortolmos , a spokesman for the Turkish government spokesman that "Turkey will participate in the Mosul operation people's Protection units Syrian Kurdish did not participate" .otsad the sharp differences between Iraq and Turkey over the past few days due to the extension of the Turkish military presence and intensified on Tuesday after a debate between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi .ord Abadi, yesterday, on thestatements of Erdogan attacked them, saying , "We are not Nada you," as he emphasized his government 's determination edit all the Iraqi lands to " the determination of the men and not Balskaab."