Sulaymaniyah / News Network Iraq , said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) , on Wednesday, that a whole year passed to freeze the Kurdish parliament and there is no agreed clear to solve problems, calling on political parties to start a dialogue to solve the territory problems and salaries Mozvin.oukal the party said in a statement today: he "there is no agreed clear to solve problems, so we call political parties dialogue serious and real . " he added, " The access to this point, bring us back to square one for government action, and blackout democratic government experience , which is the subject of the pride of all parties . " he pointed out that "since the beginning of the problems Itried to calm the situation, and that the continuation of these problems to this moment hadexhausted citizens in the region " . Also issued a mass change day on Wednesday , October 122,016statement, which stressed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party is responsible for the freeze - yearold Kurdish parliament Kamila.autamr Wednesday 12 October 2016, full - year freeze on theKurdish parliament, and the National Union bloc describe this day Palmhaom and bitter.