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Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari



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Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari

Post by rocky on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 8:22 am

Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectarian conflict in the region  

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: AH
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday that his country would block the process of the restoration of the city of Mosul under the pretext that it would cause more bloodshed and torched in the region as changes in regional balances occur.
He said Erdogan televised toxic Turkey's on-air remarks during a ceremony for the judiciary and I followed, "Sky Press," that "his country will not allow a planned process of cause to oust al Daesh from the Iraqi city of Mosul in a" blood and fire "in the region of what would result in the outbreak of sectarian conflict, according to as saying. "
Erdogan said that "Turkey's target is a fierce regard to the issue of Mosul as they cause a change in the regional balance."
Despite the objections of Baghdad, Ankara's wish to keep its troops stationed at Camp Ba'shiqah northern Iraq, to ​​be directed by the organization Daesh of Mosul.
The Turkish Parliament voted to extend the stay of Turkish troops in Iraq and Syria for another year, and in return the Iraqi parliament voted unanimously to reject the decision of the Turkish Parliament, as the two countries exchanged ambassadors in a diplomatic call an escalating standoff.+

Insane Investor
Insane Investor

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Re: Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari

Post by sassy on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 9:12 am

Wow, this doesn't sound good! Any comments about this?


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Re: Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari

Post by jedi17 on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 10:18 am


US support Iraq in Ankara's political escalation

9:29 AM  ADMIN  

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: In a new US move to heighten the tension with Turkey on Gulen and Kurds in Syria, Washington expressed its support to the Iraqi government on the Turkish presence in the north of the country.

In a statement by the US State Department on the Turkish rejection to leave its bases in Ba'sheeqa Camp, north of Iraq, the US administration stressed that "all foreign forces should be according to Iraqi governmental approval and conditioned coordination under the umbrella of the International Coalition against terrorism".

"The neighboring countries should respect the sovereignty and unity of Iraqi territories", the statement added.

It added that the Turkish forces in Iraq are "not" within the International Coalition, stressing that this case should be urgently solved, calling both Baghdad and Ankara to concentrate on fighting the common enemy represented by Da'ish (ISIS) forces.

The US repeated stand came at a time when Baghdad-Ankara difference is expected to turn into regional conflict when the Turkish President Recceb Tayyib Erdogan badly stated against Iraqi Premier Haidar al-Ibadi.

Ibadi's office described these statements of Erdogan as "irresponsible", pointing that the talk with the Turks has become of "no use".

Different Iraqi politicians, parties' military wings, papers and social networks denounced Erdogan's statements and threatened with military action against "the invading Turkish forces".

The differences were dated to 4 December, 2015 when Turkey sent its forces to Ba'sheeqa camp, pointing that this move was done within the international framework to "end" Da'ish organization and to meet the demand of the Kurdish authorities in Arbil.

Ankara said that its military personnel are present in Ba'sheeqa Camp to train the local Iraqi forces, including Kurdish forces, in the first place, to initiate Mosul's liberation operation.

At the beginning, there were 150 Turkish military personnel, but Ankara increased the number of its forces. 

Some media organs reported that the number of the Turkish military forces reached, now, to 2000.
On 6 October, 2016, the Iraqi foreign ministry requested the UN Security Council to hold an emergency session to discuss the Turkish violations on Iraqi soil and its intervention in its internal affairs.

The main reason for the escalation between the two sides was the Turkish parliamentary decision to send armed forces abroad to conduct military operations in Syria and Iraq "if necessary".

This decision was criticized by the Iraqi Parliament and called its government to reject this decision.
Political observers here believe that the Turkish insistence to take part in regaining Mosul city is out of its fears of a demographic change and violations against the Sunni sect by the Iraqi Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces, if they took part in the battle.

Turkish statements concentrated on the relations with Mosul city that dated back to 400 years ago, as well as the interests in protecting the Sunni sect and the Turkmen in the city, particularly when the Iraqi government is unable to protect them, as happened with Da'ish invasion.

On the other side, some observers believe that there were "exaggerations" on the Turkish role and the number of its forces 


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Re: Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari

Post by lonelyintexas on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 2:39 pm

In the first article it says Turkey will not participate in the battle of Mosul.

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Re: Erdogan retreat: Our troops will not take part in the battle and do not want the outbreak of sectari

Post by Sponsored content Today at 2:05 am

    Current date/time is Sat 22 Oct 2016, 2:05 am