BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed by a member of the Security and Defense Committeein Parliament MP Kurdish Hoshyar Abdullah on Thursday, the need for the acting commander of the armed forces of the will of the Iraqi purely with regard to the liberalization of Mosul away from foreign dictations, and put on the list of priorities for the security and safety - citizens in the city under the control of Daash.oukal in a statement quoted by the media office said: "the liberation ofMosul , the process must proceed from an Iraqi decision sincere, and on the American side that deals with the process as a sensitive and crucial issue for Iraq related to the lives of hundreds ofthousands of civilians in Nineveh, they is not just a case of using the media to promote within the US presidential election campaign, is doing and exhort the Americans to behave with the case inaccordance with the humanitarian principle and not a politician serves American interests . "and Abdullah that" it is necessary to identify the parties that will participate military operation and theadoption of a strategy to clear the maintenance of the land in the post Liberation, because you startthe process without a compass and a clear will be the consequences of a negative for everyone . "He added:" there are the questions are legitimate precedes the editing process concerns, is it right togive the role of local authorities and people accused of colluding with Daesh and they have a hand inthe introduction of this terrorist organization to Mosul? Is it right to begin the process without resolving the issue of the presence of Turkish troops in the region and carries a frightening agendas? . "And:" The Iraqi government and the private Abadi as the Commander in Chief of theArmed Forces to act as required by the national interest of Iraq as a state, and put on the list ofpriorities Who 's the security of citizens in Mosul under Daesh, and dispose of the will of the Iraqi pure and reject dictations either side American or from any other. "