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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh" elements shave their beards and digging trenches and Afajkhoun Mosul



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Daesh" elements shave their beards and digging trenches and Afajkhoun Mosul

Post by rocky on Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:19 am

[size=36][size=33]"Daesh" elements shave their beards and digging trenches and Afajkhoun Mosul[/size][/size]
Ali Abdul Salman 65[ltr]  14/10/2016[/ltr]

 Witnesses from the city of Mosul, said that the organization "Daesh" laying of mines in various parts of the city of Mosul and trenching and recruited children to spy on people, in anticipation of a forthcoming attack from Iraqi forces. He said four of the city's population, in phone calls or through the means of social communication, the organization that militants, who overran Mosul two years ago, were booby-trapping the five bridges with explosives and prepared car bombs and suicide bombers, also stepped up monitoring and surveillance operations. Said Hoshyar Zebari, who was finance minister and before that as foreign minister, said the gunmen holed up to fight for Mosul, and they are more cautious, have shaved their beards to mingle with the population and transferred their headquarters Home continually, according to his tongue. He Zbiyare The organization goes to the transfer of his men doing its hardware through underground tunnels. For his part, Colonel John Dorian, a spokesman for the coalition led by the United States, saying: "You see a fighter come from somewhere and goes somewhere else, these doorways open consistently stated objective of which is a priority." John Dorian said that the organization "Daesh" fighters have set up concrete fortifications and using concrete blocks in the establishment of the walls in front of the entrances to fill the attacking force. For their part, residents in Mosul said that the militants had dug a trench introduced two meters and a depth of two meters around the city to fill the oil-burning to increase the difficulty of air strikes. Others said that the organization had threatened to execute anyone talking about the process of liberalization in the city, adding that it has been published children at a young age, some of them eight years old, in various parts of the city to carry out monitoring and reporting of the population, and in some cases are arming these children with pistols.Sources said the population: "a scene of children wrenching his heart, to see the children of Mosul are turning to terrorists of the future." While other residents pointed out that the elements of the organization are using old mobile phones for fear of the use of smart phones which they can transfer the information to the security forces. In addition, relief organizations expressed concern because of the possibility of the fall of a large number of civilian deaths during the fighting. He predicted Liz Grande, coordinator of UN humanitarian affairs in Iraq, that Weaver 200 thousand residents of the city during the first two weeks of clashes.

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: Daesh" elements shave their beards and digging trenches and Afajkhoun Mosul

Post by Screwball on Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:22 am

Shaved beards will help them....

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