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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US site: Daesh broke facilities and airstrips in Qayyarah base



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US site: Daesh broke facilities and airstrips in Qayyarah base

Post by rocky on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 3:42 am

US site: Daesh broke facilities and airstrips in Qayyarah base

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

US officers said that their forces stationed in Qayyarah base, will focus on providing advice to Iraqi forces and support in the maneuver.They pointed out that US forces are making an intensive effort to rebuild the base and build what was destroyed Daesh of its facilities, to be prepared for the battle toliberate Mosul. 
Gen. Gary Voleski, from the band phones 101, located in Qayyarah base, according to the Web site reported CBS News News American, and I followed (range Press), " the band forces were preparing to help their Iraqi counterparts in the upcoming liberalization of Mosul battle." 
He added Voleski that " the task of the band forces presence front lines will not be with the Iraqi forces, but rather focuses on providing advice to enhance their strength in battle and support to maneuver, because they are the ones who Sicodunha although difficult , "adding that" the current mission is different from what was previously when he was in Mosul in 2009. " 
he said the American general that the " band phones 101 helped train brigades of Iraqi soldiers who are ready to participate in the battle , "adding that" the region where hazardous band exists for its proximity to the combat zones, and that the band provides protection for troops stationed base Qayyarah. " 
for his part, Colonel Chris Baiant, who served in two important precedents in Iraq, according to the site CBS News," the organization Daesh broke Qayyarah asset base of facilities and airstrips built by the Americans before , "noting that" US forces rebuild what he scuttled Daesh to use the base in the liberation of Mosul operations. " 
this comes at a time when the United States Embassy in Baghdad said in a statement, received (range Press) copy of it, " the United States remains committed to supporting the humanitarian needs of Iraqis as a result of ongoing war against Daesh", noting that it " has provided since the beginning of 2014 amounted to more than a billion dollars in humanitarian aid to help the Iraqis rebuild their communities and bring them back to their homes and return to their normal lives . " the 
US embassy added that" the support of the United States, during the period from March to September 2016, has enabled IOM to provide emergency equipment to more than 115 thousand displaced people. " 
The US embassy that" the United States has contributed in the amount of six million and 300 thousand dollars to rebuild schools and water facilities and power plants purify and provide job opportunities in Tikrit. " 
She stressed the US Embassy that" the United States, pledged in preparation for the battle of the coming liberation of Mosul, grants worth $ 181 million extra in the form of humanitarian aid to provide food, water and other relief materials for displaced people of the city ", usually that" new funding provides for thedisplaced shelter for emergency health care basis , including services and materials , child care and thepossibility of the use of social support services. " 
and went on the US embassy , saying, that these" money will provide basic services , health and purifying water in order to help more than 400 thousand Iraqis have drinkable water. "

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