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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The joint forces applied to the connector 3-axis currently awaiting the zero hour



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The joint forces applied to the connector 3-axis currently awaiting the zero hour

Post by rocky on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 4:17 am

Convoys of Iraqi troops on the road to Baghdad Kirkuk heading to the outskirts of Nineveh province, in preparation for the battle of Mosul Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
The joint forces applied to the connector 3-axis currently awaiting the zero hour

14/10/2016 22:51 
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Likely to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reveals during a visit to a drunken, where Ninawa Operations Command, the deadline for the start of the process of liberalization of Nineveh.
Often the prime minister chooses the last times of the night to announce the start of military operations, or declare it from outside the country, as happened in the processes of Sharqat and gritty Anbar last month, when he visited New York.
He visited al-Abadi, the city of Kirkuk, and leaked news Tdarch with security chiefs launch Hawija liberalization process and the remaining portion of spending Sharqat.
The Prime Minister and the arrival of the military for the Liberation of Mosul and Hawija preparations to the final stages.
Ebadi said, during the meeting with military leaders in Kirkuk, that will be the "Edit areas of Kirkuk regulated, such as Hawija and Riyadh and Rashad soon."
The informed authorities in Nineveh had predicted recently that starts the process of liberalization of Mosul, within a week or two weeks at the latest estimates, despite rising tensions between Baghdad and Ankara.
 The Prime Minister has called on Turkish troops, last Sunday, "not to leave their posts," denying that Turkey's "advisory" role in the liberation of Mosul process.
She said parties close to the former governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq, in an interview earlier (range), said that the Turkish troops, stationed at Camp Ba'shiqah, "will adhere to stay inside the camp on the outskirts of Mosul."
Announcement zero hour
For his part, the return Alloizi, head of the Renaissance in the Nineveh provincial council, said that "all the forces that are supposed to take part in the liberation of Mosul, the process had reached the perimeter of the city," stressing that "preparations reached the final stages."
The Alloizi, in connection with the (range) yesterday, said that "al-Abadi discussed at an expected visit to Nineveh operations command headquarters in a drunken date of commencement of the military operation," expected to be determined zero hour "in the next few days."
The large military cuts has reached Qayyarah, south of Mosul base, during the last days. The focus, according to officials there, at the center of Khazar northeast of Mosul, Mosul Dam on the north side of the city.
And the concentration of anti-terrorism at the center of Khazar, while the band were stationed 16 of the Iraqi army position in northern Mosul.
He guessed official Musli to participate "popular crowd" in the liberation of some areas in the Nineveh Plain, where some villages, "the Shiite retina" is located.
And the bombing of Air Alliance International, during the past two days, the locations of "elected" to Daesh ", in which the Turkish camp located Baishqh, and the other inside the connector.
Alloizi said that "the strikes were concentrated largely targeted sites collect points and media belonging to Daesh in those areas."
He accused the MPs in Mosul, a group fighters (National crowd) for the Liberation of Iraq, of trying to obstruct the liberation of the city by agreement with Turkey.
He announced Najafi, last Wednesday, the armed faction's name was changed to "guard Nineveh" in preparation for the battle of Mosul.
He said the former governor of Nineveh that the armed faction "composed of a mix of people of Nineveh Barabha and Cardha Bchristaaha and Esideaha Bhbkha and Kakiaaha and Turkmenha Bshiatha and enacted."
"It ended up rallying time and began the actual work of the national mobilization of the time ... On this day we will launch guards Nineveh name on the national crowd for the Liberation of Nineveh forces."
Differences over the Hawija
It does not appear to Abadi's visit to Kirkuk and meeting with officials and military commanders, it has contributed to the solution, "disagreements" about editing Hawija.
The MP said Khaled Mafraji Kirkuk, in a brief statement made by the (long) yesterday, said that "al-Abadi came to Kirkuk, Hawija to study the edit mode." He denied knowing further details.
But the leader of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk and Sta Messenger, said that "the visit Abadi was an inspection and solidarity with the Peshmerga and other forces."
And it confirms the (long) "The prime minister spoke about the intention to edit Hawija, but gave no timing for that."
And hold about half a million people in Hawija and respects its subsidiaries, fled about 23 thousand families of them to the shelter camps near Kirkuk and in the science area east of Tikrit.
The Iraqi army has imposed a tight siege on the Hawija, before editing Qayyarah base, for nearly four months.Kirkuk's Arabs and criticized the government's delay in the liberalization of Hawija, in addition to the four administrative units in the west of Kirkuk.
They said in previous statements (range) that they "have not seen yet any preparations for the liberation of the city."
And it refers security expert and analyst Hisham al-Hashimi to a disagreement between the Americans and the popular crowd in determining compass operations Hawija and Mosul.
Hashemi said, in a comment he posted on his page in Facebook, he was "in Hawija meet the most important Sunni Arab tribes loyal to the crowd, Jabour slaves and Albouhmdan and gentlemen bliss, and it has a strategic location rioting stability in Kirkuk, Diyala and northern Salaheddin and east of Mosul, south of Erbil."
The security expert believes that these reasons are paid because of Hawija direct attention from the leader of the crowd Hadi al-Amiri and operations of the Tigris.
On the other hand he says al-Hashemi said, "What you want the American administration is to liberate Mosul, then return to Hawija and Shora and Hamam al-Alil and Tal Afar." But back to confirm that "this will not oppose what you want the leadership of the crowd if you open two fronts at the same time."
For his part, confirms the official Peshmerga and Sta Messenger that "there is a plan ready and distinctive for the Liberation of Hawija, a long time ago."
 He revealed the leadership of the Peshmerga from the Old to the participation of the Peshmerga and thepopular crowd with military forces and the international coalition to liberate Hawija agreement, but asserts that "it needed to announce the start of a formal process." 

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