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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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10/14/2016 — Earthquake progression across 5,700 miles / 9,000+ km in 1 days time



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10/14/2016 — Earthquake progression across 5,700 miles / 9,000+ km in 1 days time

Post by Lobo on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 8:11 pm

10/14/2016 — Earthquake progression across 5,700 miles / 9,000+ km in 1 days time
October 14, 2016 Michael Janitch Leave a comment
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After not posting any content on my website in exactly 4 months (last post June 13, 2016), I have now returned to full use of my .com!
Today, October 14 2016, we see that a noteworthy progression of earthquakes has occurred across the whole of the West Pacific.   The progression began South of Fiji, and progressed all the way to Japan (far to the North).
October 14, 2016 – The graphic above shows the past 36 hours of earthquakes M4.0+ reported by the USGS + EMSC. Clearly a progression of earthquakes has occurred across a vast distance from North of New Zealand all the way to Japan (across 5,700 miles).
Earthquake progression across plates has been denied by professionals multiple times in the past (even recently).
Professionals are in denial while facing this obvious proof of seismic progression across vast regions.   The denial of earthquake progression comes from the long standing, yet incorrect dogmas in Geology which are preventing “professionals” from admitting they were wrong.
We have shown the relation of earthquakes across large distances multiple times in the past.
I have made multiple posts, and videos on the topic in question.
See examples here:

Or see past posts here:
Obviously earthquake progression does indeed occur across large distances over a short period of time (days or less).  As the pressure transfers across these distances, similar sized earthquakes strike at similar depths along the way.
It appears that deep earthquakes are causing shallower upwelling pressure to spread out in each direction from the deep earthquake epicenter.   This is causing displacement across whole sections of the Pacific , spanning over 5,700 miles (9,500km) in todays instance.
The deep earthquakes over the past 2-3 days (leading up to October 13-14, 2016) being the ultimate culprit behind this new round of plate wide West Pacific movement.
See the deep earthquakes which occurred prior to this progression here:

M5.5 – 32km SSE of Ndoi Island, Fiji

2016-10-12 04:16:24 UTC 20.912°S   178.569°W 574.6 km depth

[th]Magnitude / uncertainty[/th][th]Location / uncertainty[/th][th]Depth / uncertainty[/th][th]Origin Time[/th][th]Number of Stations[/th][th]Number of Phases[/th][th]Minimum Distance[/th][th]Travel Time Residual[/th][th]Azimuthal Gap[/th][th]FE Region[/th]
5.5 mb± 0.1
20.912°S 178.569°W± 12.1 km
574.6 km± 12.5
2016-10-12 04:16:24.110 UTC
499.0 km (4.48°)
1.10 s


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