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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army puts his hand on my knowledge treasure after the liberation of the Heat Island



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Army puts his hand on my knowledge treasure after the liberation of the Heat Island

Post by rocky on Sun 16 Oct 2016, 2:45 am

Army puts his hand on my knowledge treasure after the liberation of the Heat Island

 Anbar / long-Presse 

A few days after the Emancipation Proclamation (Heat Island) and raise the flag over the buildings, he got liberated force on atreasure trove of information and documents featuring modern military and maps showing the existence of the secret trenches, roads and places Fajkhha Daesh areas. Documents About rallies and organizing cells are also included in the district with him and Rawa and Qaim western Anbar. Such schemes have to accelerate the pace of clearing the western regions of Anbar province , a prelude to declare the province free from Daesh. He says tribal leader in the crowd that "documents and maps of the organization made it clear booby - trapped areas, trenches and areas ofconcentration of terrorist cells western Anbar."
In the meantime , security forces managed to repel the scratching of Daesh in him and modern. Lt. Col. Nazim Aljughaifi, director ofintelligence for the brigade withstand the modern, said that " the security forces and by clearing the Heat Island battles, (70 West km gray), inspecting and securing their areas found a special office to manage the organization Daesh and adjust documents modern military and maps showing areas that Fajkhha regulation movements the areas of the existence of the trenches and secret roads and communities their cells to spend with him and Rawa and Qaim western Anbar. " 
he added Aljughaifi in an interview with (long - Presse) that" documents and maps used by the organization in determining the positions and Khanadgah and areas where the Ptfajakhha different ways that will contribute to the progress of the security forces and address the bomb sites rapidly during the cleansing battles that would target to spend with him and Rawa and Qaim in the next few days. " 
the security official said" all the papers and the secrets of the criminal organization in Anbar revealed fully and become their movements are clear and their plans in front of the security forces had inflicted Daesh losses broke his back and could not resist or repel progress the pieces of combat and air strikes. " In the context ofsecurity developments in Anbar province, an official in the modern crowd , said, " The armed clash broke out between members of al - Daesh amid spend with him, (180 km west of Ramadi), killing four members of Daesh , " noting that " the clash happened after escape the most prominent organization Daesh leaders and princes to Syria with their families , leaving only local terrorist elements from the people of Anbar , who pledged allegiance Daesh during the past period. " 
He added Aljughaifi that" armed differences between the elements of the organization in him and Rawa and Qaim escalated during the current period after clearing most of the areas of the western Anbar including theHeat Island and al - Baghdadi and the cupboard and the island of gray and incurring heavy losses Daesh Banazarem and their weapons. " Security forces responded to an attack by elements of the Daesh and led to the deaths of seven members of the terrorist organization and the destruction of two wheels and a rocket launcher, according to a source in the leadership of operations and the desert island. The source said, in aninterview with (long - Presse), " The security forces were able to repel the attack to organize Daesh targeted Alkhosvh area, west of Haditha District, (170 km west of Anbar), and the clash with the armed elements, killing seven members of the Daesh and destroy Sticky two wheels on them 23 mm machine gun, as well as arocket launcher. " The source, who requested anonymity, said that " the organization tried to penetrate block the front lines of security forces in the area after Alkhosvh concentration of the terrorist organization in desert areas and valleys low before the implementation of their attack." It reported a source in the al - Anbar province police, that someone was killed by a hand grenade inside his house, the center of Ramadi. 
The source said, in an interview with (long - Presse), " The hand grenade exploded inside a house in theneighborhood of the Republic, the center of Ramadi, by trying to homeowner filed, killing him on the spot. "

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