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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: edit Mosul forces combination of different intentions



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The Washington Post: edit Mosul forces combination of different intentions

Post by rocky on Sun 16 Oct 2016, 2:47 am

The Washington Post: edit Mosul forces combination of different intentions

 translation Ahmed Alaa 

Upcoming battle plan to regain control of Mosul, yet in the right place, but at the same time, the combination is not stable of theintentions of the forces involved in the editing process , which could affect its activity is this stable, at a time of war or ignite a separate conflict in the future. 
Military preparations sped in the attack , the last weeks, after he agreed Baghdad , officials with the regional government in Kurdistan detailed military plan to regain control of the northern province, but key issues remain unresolved, such as the role of the popular crowd and the question of who will control the city after restored. 
It will be the battle in the second largest city in Iraq harder for the Iraqi forces , which have the support of the international coalition. Mosul is of a varied nature of ethnically and socially City, where you will find all nationalities and denominations. In theory, all of these sects and nationalities, united with each other against a common enemy is to organize Daesh. 
Under these dendrites in Mosul, Turkey 's intervention in the crisis required to participate in the process ofliberalization amid a government warning of Baghdad , not to share , and the need to withdraw the troops in Bashiqa. the 
fact is reached between the parties to the bickering and verbal emerged last week, when Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al - Abbadi accused the Turkish side of violating the country 's sovereignty after the entry of theTurkish forces and the Iraqi territory, while justifying those troops presence in Iraq to train Sunni fighters to defend the Sunni community for fear of the outbreak of "regional war." 
Iraqi government spokesman Saad al - Hadithi says that " the situation is very difficult in Mosul, we need cohesion of all the ingredients to address the sectarian and ethnic concerns." 
under the military agreement within the stomach plan for an attack on Mosul, special army and police forces ,volunteers and fighters will advance of the city, according to a spokesman for the joint operations Yahya Messenger, it will also allow the Iraqi forces to move in areas where units of Peshmerga. 
and on the participation of the popular crowd at the upcoming battle, the Messenger says "not been accorded to military missions so far, but will be used them to secure the outskirts of the city." 
abound fears today, tensions on the ground after the defeat of militants Daesh, there is a high likelihood of clashes between tribes as well as the likelihood of clashes between the peshmerga and popular crowd , as happened last year in the town of Tuz Khurmatu. 
Jawad Tlabawi, a spokesman for the League of the Righteous, one of the formations of the crowd popular actors in Iraq, says that "participation in the liberation of Mosul, is a national duty and a religious, though Turkish forces and fighters who are undergoing training at the hands of Turkish forces, will be treated as anoccupation force." 
repeatedly called on Iraqi officials Turkey to withdraw its troops from the country, despite the presence in themilitary base in northern Iraq and provided military support to the fighters of the year. 
officials say the Iraqi analysts, said that one of the potential points of friction and the most dangerous is in the Shiite town of Tal Afar , which lies about 40 miles west of Mosul, on the grounds it is home to Shiite Turkmen. 
and the role of the popular crowd in Mosul and the possibility of his participation to protect the people of Tal Afar, says the Liberation of Iraq, the former Mosul governor, "We believe that it is better that the popular crowd stays away from Tal Afar, and we try to stop them will be political, because we can not stop them byforce." 
and trying to Turkey through its presence in Mosul, the threat of PKK militants who have been fighting militants Daesh, as previously Kiedio announced the Kurdistan workers ' participation in the fight against militants , the terrorist organization , along with armed factions different from Christians, Assyrians and Yazidis. 
speaks Iraqi army commanders for the end of the planning stage, and the start of the liberalization process, while Abadi pledged in earlier regain control of Mosul by the end of this year. 
in the United States, there is pressure to accelerate in the battle under scheduled for November elections. 
 He says Michael Knights, a specialist in Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, "I think the situation now is perfect to restore Mosul, because the enemy is cracking and forces are ready, and the momentum is everything in Iraq. "

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