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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Friday preachers denounce the Turkish intervention in the battle of Mosul



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Friday preachers denounce the Turkish intervention in the battle of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sun 16 Oct 2016, 2:49 am

Friday preachers denounce the Turkish intervention in the battle of Mosul

 Najaf BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Called to Fri Najaf religion Qabbanji issued to indifference "to Mchaglat" Turkish on thebattle of Mosul. In 
turn , described the imam and preacher of Al -Rahman Mosque in Baghdad, the military intervention in Iraq as "occupation and sedition", and called on the Ankara government to withdraw its troops from Iraq.   
He said Qabbanji, through sermon Friday prayers in Najaf , which was attended by (long - Presse) that " thezero hour for the Liberation of Mosul approached and the forces of the army and the forces of security andpopular crowd are ready to release it ." 
He said to Fri Najaf , "should not be Turkey 's statements engagement with us and we must beware of Almchaglat and progress towards Mosul for liberation. " 
Qabbanji said that" all the worries of the post - liberalization Mosul fade after its liberation and will be our head held high and squeeze the hands of our fighters and the leadership of the armed forces in accomplishing its mission and the liberation of Iraq the land of all. " in 
turn, described the imam and preacher of Al - Rahman Mosque in Baghdad , the military intervention in Iraq the "occupation and sedition." 
said Jaafar al - Rubaie, during Friday prayers at the Al - Rahman Mosque, which was attended by (long -Presse) that " the wise authority in Najaf fighting sectarianism and check equality is following with concern raised by politics dealers and warlords from home and abroad to provoke congestion and asylum nationalism and sectarianism to the rhythm of discord between the people and the components of the province to the"calling" loyal and sacrifices to expose attempts and warn the nation of them, and cut the road for them. " 
said al - Rubaie , said" Western camp led by the United States supports the creative chaos and sedition theory that the Turkish military intervention in Iraq, one of those Almassadik ", calling on Ankara government" to respect the will of the Iraqi people in this matter and leave the territory. " 
He warned the imam of Al - Rahman Mosque that" harassment and political bickering between the ruling bloc could lead to tearing of the social fabric , "stressing the" Back to the Constitution agreed to solve their problems instead of media statements, "he reiterated his call for " an early election and change the electoral Commission and change its law. "

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