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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Council Nineveh form a committee for the Liberation of Alayazdiat abducted two years after the occup



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Council Nineveh form a committee for the Liberation of Alayazdiat abducted two years after the occup

Post by rocky on Sun 16 Oct 2016, 2:52 am

Council Nineveh form a committee for the Liberation of Alayazdiat abducted two years after the occupation of Mosul

 Nineveh / term 

Nineveh government announced thedistribution of council members in the fighting axes to coincide with the imminent launch ofMosul process, assigning the security committee in communion with Nineveh operations command. The committee was formed to find out the fate of the abductees Alaesideat, confirmed the support of the security services and forces chock them. 
He said Bashar Alkika, head of the Nineveh provincial council, during a press conference attended by the (long - Presse) that " the local government in Nineveh held a consultative meeting at headquarters variant of theCouncil in Alqosh presence of the President Council of Nineveh province Bashar Alkika and the governor ofNineveh Nofal Hammadi Sultan and members of the Council. " 
The face of the head of the provincial council, the governor" reassurance to the people of Mosul trapped that the security forces will liberate Mosul is editor and saving forces and health to promote him in some quarters of premeditated intentions against the parents a message. " 
He read head of the Nineveh provincial council Bashar Alkika, the recommendations of the meeting , namely: 
1. assigning council members and their distribution on the axes according to the tasks related to the aspect ofhumanitarian and coordination with all security pieces, that the presidency of the Council assign them to the four axes south of Mosul (Qayyarah), and Khazar, filling Mosul and Tall Afar, Sinjar and Tal Afar. 
2. Mandate of the security committee in coordination with the governor of Nineveh (President of the Supreme security Committee) to communicate with the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations. 
3. Mandate Nineveh Health Director overseeing the effort relief, health and escort security cuts and mobile hospitals and provide ambulances for the four axes. 
4. assigned to the Human rights Commission and organizations in coordination with international and local organizations to oversee the humanitarian effort and the camps and safe ports. 
5. emptied all the members of the Council for the effort and humanitarian service completely. 
6. formation of a joint committee of the province and the Council to investigate the information and data about the fate of the abducted Alaesideat and free them immediately. 
7. the Council is in permanent session to follow up the developments of all. 
8. security committee in the Council considers operations room to collect information and data and to provide the security the pieces out. 
9. directing all social events and social networking sites to support the security forces and social peace and the fight against Daesh. 
10. on units Administrative and local councils to join the nearest boycotted operations within the administrative borders and a willingness to communicate with civilians and security forces. 
11. form a committee of local government to go to the Salahuddin province , in preparation for the reception of displaced forecasters at the cutter. 
12. form an emergency cell high consist of the Speaker and his deputy with the governor and his deputies to take the appropriate decision depending on developments in the security situation and be in permanent session to oversee the local departments security Committee and its Arbil tasks. 
13. coordination with the technical Center in the Office of the province to implement the approved civil plan by the provincial council. 
14. issuing licenses from the security authorities to members of the Board and Jlathm from the joint coordination Center. 
15. We demand the federal government and its ministries , regardless contingency budget urgently to cope with the humanitarian and service work. in 
return, accused in the Nineveh provincial council members, politicians linked to regional and international agendas launch leaks frequently about the future of the province after its liberation from Daesh in order toseize power after the liberation of Mosul. 
he said council member Banyan Jarba, in an interview (long - Presse) that " the hidden scenarios on thedivision of Nineveh or converted to a region or a good management of the province 's just speculation , " adding that it "represents the dreams of politicians have regional agendas or international, acquired power tomaintain after its liberation from Daesh. " 
Jarba He added that" those politicians want to seize Mosul and power in Nineveh to realize their benefits personal away from the interests of their people or the national cause , "stressing that" the local government in Nineveh is remaining, where strives to arrange how to re the reconstruction of the province and its cities and sheltering displaced people in preparation to return them to their areas and address the problems that appear after Daesh. "

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