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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Compass operations: edit Hawija and Mosul before the crowd with the task cordon



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Compass operations: edit Hawija and Mosul before the crowd with the task cordon

Post by rocky on Mon 17 Oct 2016, 2:15 am

Compass operations: edit Hawija and Mosul before the crowd with the task cordon

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Despite the leaks that have been traded during the last couple of days about the "zero hour" for the start of the process ofliberalization of Mosul, but that the military leaders continue Tktmha on it. Chi and preparations for the imminent start of theprocess at any time. In the meantime returned to the forefront again, the debate about the role of the factions , " the crowd" in the upcoming process of Mosul. There are conflicting leaders crowd statements about the tasks that will be assigned to their forces to liberate Mosul size, as well as the instructions issued to them about dealing with the existing Turkish troops at Camp Ba'shiqah. 
In the meantime , the data point to tip the American vision to go around Mosul and not busy editing other cities. The crowd forces and would only surrounded only Mosul, despite his claim editing Hawija first. 
It announced an armed group in Mosul, calling itself the (coalition factions of the armed forces), total rejection participation of the popular crowd at the liberation of the city. 
He warned the armed coalition, which says it is fighting Daesh, in a statement made in a number of media , " the Americans and al - Abbadi of the consequences of this review." He called the unknown armed forces "Arab tribes in the south and the Middle Euphrates to withdraw their children from the Holocaust." For his part, head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki on Saturday, said that the participation of the popular crowd in Mosul , considered a "guarantee", stressing the need to field a make significantly to the restoration of city operations "Daesh." He 
also announced the Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri, Post crowd popular battle ofMosul anticipated, warning at the same time of the outbreak of the civil war. 

meetings last hours 
and discussed the general commander of the armed forces with the leaders of the popular crowd going for the Liberation of Mosul and Hawija preparations. 
came of those talks complementary to the meetings conducted by the popular crowd leaders, on Friday, with the head of the National Alliance Ammar al - Hakim, the head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki.Attended the last with the head of the government meeting, each of Hadi al - Ameri, the Badr Organization leader, Qais al - Khazali, commander of the League of the Righteous, and Akram al - Kaabi movement nujaba, as well as other leaders, missed representatives "combat brigade Abbas", which is one of the most prominent of the reference armed factions religious in Najaf. The absence of Amery was also noted during themeeting with al - Maliki. 
He says a leading figure in the popular crowd Hassan sarees, Chairman of Saraya Jihad Construction, who participated in the meeting with al - Abadi, said that " the meeting was about the liberation of Mosul, and theaxis that will be among the popular crowd at the upcoming military operation tasks . " 
he said in effect, told the (range) yesterday, said that" the leaders of the crowd visits to the Prime Minister and political leaders such as the president of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim is to take political advice in the liberation of Mosul process , "adding that" it will close the road in front of any personal interpretations of the crowd in the military operation. " 
He pointed commander (Brigades of Jihad), for holding the leaders of the popular crowd similar meetings with the operations of Nineveh and Salahuddin military leaders, stressing that the prime minister had presented, during the last meeting," a detailed explanation of the distribution of forces in Mosul process, we and our students access to military capabilities regarding the battle. " 

Where will stand in the crowd? 
and the role of the crowd in the battle to liberate Mosul, in effect that" the factions confirmed will stand on the outskirts of the city as a support, "but he said , " we will stay ready for any emergency, and wait forgovernment directives. " 
but MP Faleh al - Khazali, a leading figure in the master of martyrs Brigades, affiliated to factions within thecrowd, confirmed that the latter "would have a key role to play and combat in the battle of Mosul." He stressed al - Khazali, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that " the crowd will not only backstopping, will take part in the fighting , some of the themes", refusing to disclose such themes as "military secrets." The leader of the crowd to "the presence of 700 thousand Turkmen and Shiite component of plexiglass live in Nineveh , " stressing that " the responsibility of editing these areas is up to us. They are also represented in the form of the crowd." He predicted "swift victory because of the potential of the popular crowd." 

Stance of the United States and Turkey 
as Khazali pointed out that " the leaders of the crowd visits to the Prime Minister and political leaders were meant to give a greater role for the crowd at the Battle of Mosul." Indicating by saying , " In addition to fighting , we will have a role in the evacuation of civilians from combat zones and open accommodation centers, and reduce the loss of life and preserve the unity of Nineveh." 
He talked about other topics discussed at the meeting with the prime minister, describing it as "dangerous challenges." He pointed out that "among those challenges is the US aircraft overflights in the area of thefighting, and the fear of conflicting with the drones of the crowd." 
The factions of the crowd has repeatedly accused US troops of targeting their positions in the areas offighting. As some parties categorically rejects any participation in the battle , along with the international coalition led by Washington. On the attitude of the Turkish presence in Bashiqa, Khazali confirms "the collateral for the security of Turkish troops in Mosul," describing the troops as "occupation forces were subjected to fire." Unlike al - Khazali, characterized in force to diplomacy, speaking the language of the position of the crowd of Turkish troops, when he said that " the meeting with the prime minister discussed theTurkish presence , " pointing out that " the government is serious about them out by dealing with the United Nations and the Arab League." 

Postponed edit Hawija 
and about the axis (Hawija) near Mosul, which Abadi pledged recently edited without giving the timing and clear, revealing the commander of Saraya Jihad "postpone restored at the moment and sufficiency cordoned ," stressing that " the power of the crowd will go to Hawija with the launch of the process edit Mosul. " 
he said in effect that" the goal of sending the force is to take control of any acts of terrorism are expected from Daesh in conjunction with the connector process, cutting off roads for the gunmen. " 
the observers have recently pointed out , the existence of a dispute between the Americans and popular crowd in determining compass Hawija operations and Mosul. 
the factions , " the crowd" to defend the idea of storming Hawija before Mosul or the implementation of two simultaneous processes, given the location of Hawija , strategic , which affects the stability of the five provinces: Kirkuk, and Diyala provinces, and north of Salah al - Din, and east of Mosul, south of Erbil. 
but seeing the crowd was contrary to the vision American who wanted to edit the connector first, and then return to Hawija and Shora and Hamam al- Alil and then Tal Afar.

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