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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Leadership in the crowd: defeat Daesh mortgage-based editing and Rawah and Anah



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Leadership in the crowd: defeat Daesh mortgage-based editing and Rawah and Anah

Post by rocky on Mon 17 Oct 2016, 2:19 am

Leadership in the crowd: defeat Daesh mortgage-based editing and Rawah and Anah

 Baghdad / term 

Lead the crowd Anbar warned, Sunday, infiltrated the organization Daesh to desert regions and cities liberated in Anbar during cleansing Mosul battles. 
He said Ghassan Ithawi, commander of thecrowd the popular tribal north of Ramadi, said that " the current phase As the zero hour to clear Mosul of al Daesh us warn security and military infiltration operations elements Daesh from Mosul to the desert areas and liberated in Anbar , the fact that the two provinces are linked areas of desert and wide from the northern side of Inbar. " 
He added Ithawi, in an interview with (long - Presse), said that" gangs Daesh will escape from Mosul through Liberation battles to Syria and will aim to infiltrate from the western regions of Inbar through the juvenile -based access to Syria , which requires tighter security and securing the desert areas to prevent any loophole could be used by the organization. " 
the leader of the crowd that" the security forces in all its different forms has succeeded in freeing Baiji modern way a few days ago and to secure roads and desert areas linking Anbar , Salahuddin and Mosul ,"adding that" the success of military operations will be the liberalization of the three districts in Anbar controlled by Daesh and is Qaim and Rawa and his western Anbar ". 
, the likely source of political beginning, on Sunday, starting edit Mosul operations on Monday morning, the four - pronged support of the army aviation and the international coalition. 
In conjunction with this, the Iraqi aviation threw tens of thousands of leaflets containing the safety of theinhabitants of Mosul instructions, such as the military operation to restore the city starting point. 
An informed political source (long - Presse) that " edit city of Mosul operations will start the morning (today) Monday, with the participation of the army and the Peshmerga and the fight against terrorism and the popular crowd and tribal and federal police of the four axes. " And on the division of fighting axes, the source explained , "federal police forces will take part of the east axis north of the city, while participating Peshmerga forces from the eastern axis , " noting that " the army and the fight against terrorism and the crowd and folk clan will move from the southern axis, in addition to assigning Joy of Flight Iraqi army and the international coalition. " in 
turn, said the joint Special operations command, said in a statement yesterday, said that" the Iraqi air force planes dropped tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines at the center of the city of Mosul, carrying important news and developments and inform them of the facts and victories. " The terrorists deliberately to pull the satellite dishes and communication devices of the population and identified points of media broadcast only what they want to publish it as a sole source of information. As prevent Daesh regulate the use of mobile phones and their service suspended on the towers are located within the city. Among the safety instructions contained in the publications, Mosul 's residents were invited to put tapes on the glass of the windows to prevent crashing during the shelling, and avoid airstrikes sites for an hour, as well as to refrain from driving as much as possible. The security forces managed to free the majority of Anbar cities and major regions, the most important center of the province, Ramadi, Fallujah and largest Oqditha and spend wet white al Daesh terrorist.

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