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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh abort an attempt to "coup" led by close to al-Baghdadi in Mosul



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Daesh abort an attempt to "coup" led by close to al-Baghdadi in Mosul

Post by rocky on Mon 17 Oct 2016, 2:26 am

Daesh abort an attempt to "coup" led by close to al-Baghdadi in Mosul

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Residents and security officials , Iraqi says the organization Daesh crush the rebellion scheme in the city of Mosul , led by one of theorganization 's leaders , who had planned tochange his allegiance and assist in the delivery of the capital of the organization to thegovernment forces. 
The executed regulation 58 people suspected of being involved in the scheme after revelations last week. 
He said the population, who spoke to Reuters from some of the few places that still operate telecommunications services, said the plotters were killed by drowning and buried their bodies in a mass grave in the land of Bairh on the outskirts of the city. 
It is including a local assistant to the leader of the organization (Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi) led the participants in the scheme, according novels identical than five people and Hisham al - Hashimi, an expert on terrorist groups advises the government in Baghdad, Col. Ahmed al - Taie of the leadership of the province of Nineveh operations. 
will not Reuters publishes planned commander of the name in order to avoid increasing the security risk to his family and would not reveal the identities of those who have spoken It planned from within the city. 
the aim of the conspirators to undermine the organization 's defenses Daesh in Mosul in the coming battle, and is expected to be the largest in Iraq since the US - led invasion in 2003 
and is the stronghold of Mosul , the last president of the organization in Iraq. It was inhabited before the war , about two million people and is five times larger than any other area of the city dominated by the regulation.Iraqi officials say the attack Priya had a great start this month with the support of US air power and the forces of the Kurdish security units Shiite and Sunni irregulars. 
The success of the attack on Mosul destroy virtually the Iraqi part of the "Caliphate State", announced by theorganization in 2014. But the United Nations says it has also cause a greater humanitarian crisis in the world and may result in the worst scenarios in the displacement of one million people. , 
and stationed fighters organize Daesh in the trenches to defend the city and have sold in the use of civilians as human shields to defend the territory they control. 
He says al - Hashemi said the dissidents were arrested after catch one of them, along with a message on thephone talking about the transfer of weapons. He admitted during interrogation that the weapons were hidden in three locations to be used in the insurgency in support of the Iraqi army when approaching Mosul. 
He said that the raid regulation three houses used to hide weapons on the fourth of October. 
In Baghdad morning Nomani, spokesman for the unity of Iraqi counter - terrorism , said, " these were members of the Daesh turned against the organization in Mosul ... this is a clear indication that the terrorist organization began to lose support not only by the population, even by its members. " 
no speaker could as the military alliance, led by the United States, which implements air strikes against targets of the organization in Syria and Iraq, to confirm or deny the accounts of frustrating planned. 
looked splits indicators in succession this year , when the expulsion of the Sunni organization hardline than half of the territory dominated by two years ago in the north and west of Iraq. 
through some of the people in Mosul rejection to the rule of the militant group have the letter "m" on thewalls in reference to the "resistance" or writing the word "required" on the homes of militants, and punish such acts of murder. 
he said Nomani that his unit has succeeded over the past two months to open channels of communication with the "collaborators" have begun providing information that helped in the air strikes to command centers militants and their positions in Mosul. 
residents said the list of eight of the fifty - plan holders who were executed handed over to the hospital to notify their families , but the group did not return their bodies. 
one resident, a relative of one of those put to death, that "some of the relatives of the executed women weresent seniors to inquire about the bodies. Daesh and Bkhuhm and told them there are no bodies or graves.These traitors , apostates and Muharram buried in Muslim cemeteries. " 
Colonel al - Tai" After the failed coup has Daesh withdraw identities issued by local leaders to prevent them from escaping from Mosul with their families. " 
According to a population that the organization has appointed a new charge is Mohsen Abdul Karim Ihsanoglu, a leading in the unity of snipers and is known for his extreme rigor, to help the Mosul governor Ahmed Khalaf al - Jubouri in maintaining control. 
the militants put the organization in a booby - trapped around Mosul and dug trenches and recruited child soldiers to work as spies in the framework of preparations for the upcoming attack.

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