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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Guardian: 60,000 Daasha in Mosul are preparing for battle



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The Guardian: 60,000 Daasha in Mosul are preparing for battle

Post by rocky on Mon 17 Oct 2016, 2:27 am

The Guardian: 60,000 Daasha in Mosul are preparing for battle

 translation: Range 

The people of Mosul faces a choice between air strikes and the possibility of the blockade if they stayed in the city and between thepunishment Daesh if they try to flee. , 
And offer hundreds of thousands of civilians themselves to start resolute to liberate their city attack Daesh and that will bring the whole world to fight to recover it . 
For their part to prevent civilian extremists from leaving the city and set up the inspection of foreign waypoints and blew up the homes of those who fled as a punishment and a warning to those who tried to escape. 
but with that escape means going through the minefields and face Daesh sanctions, those who remained in the city know that they will face air strikes and street battles and siege likely by Iraqi forces as well the possibility of using them as human shields by the Daesh, where previously the group had used civilians asprotection in other cities lost control of them in recent months, including Fallujah in Iraq and Jarablos northern Syria. And moved elements of the organization into residential areas in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the air strikes. 
 He says Abu Ammar , who recently fled with his family from Mosul , "kids will become insane because US planes hit Daesh sites near residential areas, noise of terrifying and windows crushed and at home the whole vibrates and people feel Balhstrella" . the 
family spent six hours as she was walking in the dark amid fields was afraid they filled mine for Tjnt inspection Daesh points, and is planning other families to escape but declined at the last minute where it says escape isgreater than the risk of staying risks. 
With the approach of the attack the rest of the city dig temporary shelters protect them from bombing and stockpiling food in it. it 
also prevented Daesh use of mobile, but with midnight communications solutions relatives begin outside thecity. 
so far escaped about 600 thousand civilians of the city and the same number still inside it - according to theUnited Nations - including 60 thousand Daesh fighters . 
, says Najib Amina, a mother of nine children decided to stay in the city, "it is difficult and impossible to leave the city, and there is talk among the people is horrific war that will launch on the city soon." He saw Amina many wars , but they are very worried today about the practical challenges to escape the fighting. 
Families that do not have a nearby Mentm to Daesh struggling to pay money for food after two years of economic stagnation under the control of the group. 
She says hands over the phone , " the word war does not scare me, but the only difference this time is thatwe do not have enough money for the accumulation of what we need of supplies at home in case ofcontinued fighting for a long time. " 
loudspeakers from mosques and markets urges parents to join" the jihad "for the city, and boasts stocks ,weapons and Bmqatlleha who are ready to fight although the parents say that a lot of fighters were wounded in the fighting in other areas. 
there are likely to be reluctant citizens between the mattresses Daesh, where they joined them to support their families as a result of the desperation of life while they have no real loyalty to them.

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