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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Pictures: political conflicts between membersof the Government of Karbala and manipulation of publi



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Pictures: political conflicts between membersof the Government of Karbala and manipulation of publi

Post by rocky on Mon 17 Oct 2016, 6:21 am

[size=31][ltr][size=31]Pictures: political conflicts between membersof the Government of Karbala and manipulation of public money hinder theopening of two schools for over two years![/size][/ltr][/size]

[ltr]Accused the chairman of the education committee in the provincial council in Karbala did not identify the persons inside the provincial council of manipulating public money and use it for propaganda purposes and electoral. 

Revealed "weighted Janan," Chairman of the Education Committee in Karbala Provincial Council for the Agency correspondent N. news reporting in a statement, "There are political parties in the local government has acquired caravans study of the province, one of the public money and transferred to the fertile regions of electoral them, to create two schools there knowing that the region does not need the presence of a school near Madras in those areas, and they are now trying to embarrass the local government and the Directorate of Education to the public in those areas. " 

Agency correspondent N. news reporting moved to schools in the (neighborhood lights and Averroism) briefed on the case and found that the area (neighborhood of Lights) where caravans number four has erected a basically not fit with this number to form a school not to mention a great regular school and the condition is excellent at the beginning of the neighborhood , "Janan weighted" that was promised this illogical and inefficient because the number of students in the area below the level which allows the opening of school, which is worthwhile to take advantage of those caravans to open other schools to relieve the great momentum in the number of students that experienced by other schools as a teacher, "Hussam" primary. 

Reporter met our agency a number of officials and school administrators there to see the reality of schools in the area (free hand) has spoken to our Agency professor, "Saleh Mohammad Kazem," board member of the free hand, Chairman of the Education Committee, who said, "The neighborhood lights Includes a school (mixed valor) that do not far away from the neighborhood at the time of calling the people of the neighborhood from the opening of caravans school knowing that the caravan short-lived but just do not get the minimum level of services, so we see from tampering with the opening of two schools in the same neighborhood, and especially since the valor school where empty rows of vacant an estimated eight ranks, " It has called for the lifting of those caravans to other areas to relieve the momentum it. " 

Tell us valor School Director Professor (Aqil Jaber) said, "The people of the neighborhood lights demanded the local government to open an elementary school in their neighborhood and I think that the number of caravans are four, with not enough to open the school," and answered a question from our correspondent him on the feasibility of opening the school said, "Gabri" I do not see the feasibility of the open, because the preparation of a few students, and students will be transferred to that school, and this school will stop. " 
Turning our correspondent to School (Husam) primary in the area (Averroism) and replied, its director Professor "Jabbar Abdul Allawi" The school is very crowded area and a small school and our classes are limited and we have a Division of exercise taught in the arena and demand profile officials to help us create another school break the momentum, where the number of students up to grade to one (75) students. 

Our correspondent concluded his tour with a meeting of the chairman of the Education Committee, "Janan weighted" which was on a tour of some of the schools, she told us, "I am on a tour of the morning as usual to see the conditions of schools and the number of students and the services provided have seen that the number of school students (Husam) more than (950) pupil a severe need to be separated for another school, knowing that there are caravans topic in the same area we can not use them because they exist under the tutelage and protection of influential people did not want to Tsmanm, has appealed to the governor earlier to open another school has responded to our request has been disbursed (25) million has been obtaining a large piece of land in the same area, but the problem had gotten because the piece is located within the third Circle of the province making it difficult to establish a school it .. and once again appeal to the local government the governor and Mr. and also holy to help us and help the people of those areas of the establishment of a school worthy of the inhabitants of the region thresholds and easing momentum there, as well as call on these authorities to influence the person's dominant position on the caravan is a member of the provincial council. " 

Neighborhood residents also demanded the lights and the people of Averroism neighborhood in Karbala, local and central government to leave aside disputes and to accelerate the opening of their children to save the only school in their neighborhood. 

Finished / Hamza al-Lami, a photographer ..

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