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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Adjutant General reassured the people of Mosul will not enter the city but the army and police



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Adjutant General reassured the people of Mosul will not enter the city but the army and police

Post by rocky on Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:31 am

Adjutant General reassured the people of Mosul will not enter the city but the army and police

 Baghdad / term 

Announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, atdawn on Monday, officially start therestoration of the city of Mosul , which hasbeen preparing for months since theoperations. 
Ebadi said in a televised speech followed up (range) in the early hours of yesterday, "O sons of the province of Nineveh sweethearts; I have sounded hour victory and began editing Mosul operations. " 
the Prime Minister added that" these heroic operations began to Tharirkm from the oppression and terror Daesh and we will meet in the land of Mosul to celebrate all edited and Boukaskm, but we live again in all religions and in all our communities Valentines equal collaborators all stand for cropped Daesh crimes and rebuild this maintain the good of all its people and Snamr what was destroyed by this criminal gang and we will life and restore stability in Mosul and in all regions around Mosul. " 
He said the commander of the armed forces" very soon we will be with you to raise the flag of Iraq within Mosul humpback in every village and in every corner will not have Daesh place us not in Mosul and in theother from the land of Iraq , the good, "adding that" security forces came to save you and Tkhaliskm of terrorism and Aldoaash. " He noted the prime minister that "all attempts to disable edits in Mosul has failed as earlier failed attempt to disable edit Fallujah, Ramadi and Tikrit and Beiji operations of all the cities of Iraq. We have made every effort in order to Tattellna and threaten us, but here we Novi Bahdna you that we arecoming to Tharirkm and Tkhaliskm from the oppression terrorism. " 
He stressed Abadi , that" the forces which drive the editing process is the Iraqi army forces valiant with national police forces and who will enter the city of Mosul to edit , and not others, they are of you and you, want the best of , and protect you and Tkhaliskm. " 
He called on the Prime Minister, the people of Nineveh" cooperation with our security forces to Tkhaliskm, also collaborated people Sharqat and also collaborated folks Qayyarah with these heroic troops, was the editing process easy, with minimal losses and less destruction, Fbtaaonkm resolve the battle quickly and raise theflag of victory as soon as we raised in the rest of the cities in the rest of the places. " 
He continued Abadi "We came to Tkhaliskm of these torments and the reconstruction of the province, there are integrated teams have been formed to look after the aspect of human citizens and reconstruction immediately after the completion of the editing process." 
concluded the Prime Minister concluded by saying , "as we promised that this year 2016 will be a year editing Daesh, we Novi this Covenant now, Novi this our responsibility, it is our duty to Tkhaliskm of Daesh and liberate our land, and Tharirkm of this terror and your return all to your homes and Snguets of criminals, I promise you this, but I call for peaceful coexistence among citizens , "noting that" these forces Thrrkm not their goal in Mosul , only for you, but for Tkhaliskm and to restore a decent life for you. " In the meantime, the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, yesterday, that the liberation of Mosul is imminent, and that thecollapse of the organization became inevitable very soon. Masum said, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "edit the city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh is imminent and defeat inevitable", stressing that " the protection of civilians from the city 's population is the main task of thesecurity forces." 
The President of the Republic , he b " cohesion fateful historical dazzles the world among all the formations of the Iraqi armed forces from military heroes and federal police forces and the Peshmerga and the crowd popular and volunteers from the sons of Mosul and pan Nineveh province and clans who are fighting valiantly rare as one man the final chapters of the battle of the holy people to cleanse every inch of the territory of theabomination terrorist gangs ". Masum , confirmed that " the collapse of Daesh gangs became inevitable very soon , " praising " the international community 's solidarity with the Iraqi people in their heroic steadfastness generally acclaimed terrorist gangs."

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