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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The army and the Peshmerga are implementing on the east and south of Mosul .. Daesh and preparing to



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The army and the Peshmerga are implementing on the east and south of Mosul .. Daesh and preparing to

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Oct 2016, 3:32 am

The army and the Peshmerga are implementing on the east and south of Mosul .. Daesh and preparing to move to the right coast

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Forces seeking to participate in the liberation of Mosul operation, which began at dawn yesterday, to putpressure on militants Daesh out of the city to desert areas in the West End. 
And pushed the combined forces of the three axes around the center conductor, while leaving the fourth axis associated with the Syrian territory as an outlet for the withdrawal or the escape of the militants from the city.
The crowd was popular, which involved a limited number of troops the process of attribution, has defended in the past days, his vision of attacking the west side of the connector, saying that it was the weight of Daesh center. There are conflicting this vision with the US desire that focus on eastern Mosul. 
Liberalized Peshmerga forces, which is involved in the battles of Khazar axis 0.9 villages, and formed an arc surrounding the side of the north - east of the conductor, and has become close to several Christian towns and retina task. 
As liberated army troops in the south east of the city of seven other villages of the axis Alkwyr. While advancing military division and a brigade of the popular crowd from the south and southwest towards thevillage Alahud and was able to penetrate several kilometers around ] advice area. 
Unlike other hubs, has not seen the northern axis, in which the forces Taatmzkz of the army, any action yet. 
As usual , chose the prime minister Haidar al - Abbadi , time late into the night to announce the launch editor of Mosul , a process that is long overdue. 
He ran for the last meeting held by the Prime Minister two days ago with the leaders of the popular crowd, the postponement of the liberalization (Hawija) and sufficiency cordoned, while the crowd will perform anassignment without access to the connector. 
The President Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, on Saturday, for the end of all the preparations for theLiberation of Mosul. The 

first day details 
and about the military operations details, Hassan Shabib reveals, a member of the Nineveh provincial council for "share the banner of the largest of the popular crowd, with pieces of the federal police and the band 15 Iraqi army at the center of the south and south - west of Mosul. " 
confirms Shabib, in connection with the (range) yesterday that the " popular crowd remained on the highway outside the link between Baghdad and Mosul, as troops fight in the villages, where there are 30 km between the two parties , "adding that "military forces stormed the parties from Alahud village, northeast of Qayyarah, and are going to release two other villages." 
He said local official said , " the population of Alahud rose up on Daesh and killed four gunmen, also killed 11 others in the village Alahud basement adjacent to the first, while the organization killed one folks. " 
as I arrived troops from the popular crowd and federal police to areas near the ( ] advice), 45 km south -west of Mosul. 
contrast Shabib stressed that" the band 16 forces in the north of Mosul has not moved yet , "denying knowledge of the reasons for it. But he attributed it to "the existence did not know the details of military measures." By contrast Armored Division troops freed nine villages in the south - west of Mosul, and is now close to the "Hamdaniya." 
Daesh into the desert   
to the editing of Mosul , the process did not witness any military cover - west axis which links Mosul to Syria, featuring city of Tal Afar largest districts of Mosul, where the majority Shiite Turkmen. 
local official , believed to be the military leadership left the west of Mosul, in an attempt " to drag themilitants to fight in open areas far from the city." 
According to the news from Mosul to Daesh most of its fighters from the left coast had been withdrawn, a modern city side which includes government institutions and departments sensitive to the east of Mosul. He says Shabib that " the right coast , featuring old buildings and narrow alleyways, and would use Daesh those privileges to hide inside the city for more as possible." 
The leaders of the crowd had said, earlier (range), " The United States insists on the restoration of the left side of the city because there are institutions government , "while stressing that" the influence of Daesh is on the right side. " 
in the meantime confirmed a Kurdish official in Mosul , the collapse of morale Daesh in the city, adding that the organization suffers a major upheaval. Revealing a terrorist organization " by request via loudspeakers ofmosques of its elements to move from the coast left to the right." 

Field executions 
revealed Said Mmousine, official notification of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, about "a committee of the Daesh, behind the battle fronts, the execution of the execution of field against 40 militants of his followers because of their withdrawal from the Khazar fighting in eastern Mosul. " 
He stressed Mmousine, in an interview with the (range) yesterday," edit the Peshmerga forces to 9 villages in eastern Mosul , "pointing out that" Peshmerga came close to areas Hamdania, Bartila, and Ba'shiqah. " These towns and several Kleomtrut away from the east of Mosul. Kurdish official also described the battles fought by the Peshmerga with Daesh, as "were not very violent because of the flight of most of the insurgents." 
The international coalition aircraft to address a number of car bombs and suicide bombers in eastern Mosul areas, also bombed " the bridge of the Republic , " the link between the two shores of the city.

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