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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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7 Iraqi and international parties involved in the liberation of Mosul operations amid regional tensi



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7 Iraqi and international parties involved in the liberation of Mosul operations amid regional tensi

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Oct 2016, 3:38 am

7 Iraqi and international parties involved in the liberation of Mosul operations amid regional tensions

 Baghdad / AFP 

Attack on Mosul , the main stronghold for theorganization Daesh in Iraq, a very complex process involving varying degrees Iraqi army forces and foreign and local factions ofdifferent interests that were not contradictory at times. 
With the start of the battle, is difficult to predict how long it would take to the army and police to enter thecity and the expulsion of terrorists ones who Sindson among the population probably. The international coalition and stressed that the process could take weeks , "and possibly more." 
He announced near the start of the process several times, but the operation was postponed at the time, since he called on Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in March 2016 his troops to "liberate" the province of Nineveh and its capital Mosul. The delay due to disagreements between the various forces on the ground and between the political forces in the government and parliament. With 
the support air especially from the broad international coalition, the US - led against al Daesh, and Iran ,which support the armed groups Shiite pro-government, government troops advanced on the ground step bystep forces since March to near Mosul, from drunken base twenty kilometers away from the lines of theorganization. 
but Abadi announced at dawn on Monday begin editing Mosul operations with the participation of all forces.After being filled for a short time to regain control of Fallujah, the second strongholds Daesh near Baghdad, Iraqi forces have made again a breakthrough in July through its control of Qayyarah Air Base , about 60 km from Mosul. 
This is the point locations strategically Iraqi forces that use it as a base for logistical vitality in the attack ,which began Monday. 
involved a huge number of sides in the battle of Mosul, the Iraqi army to fight against the strong - terrorism, federal police and local Shiite armed groups device, and fighters , the Peshmerga, Turkey and the United States and the international coalition. 
Iraqi forces are able to rely on the support of the international coalition aircraft and 600 soldiers US extra will be sent to Iraq, bringing to 4,600 the number of military personnel deployed by Washington had in Iraq. 
the Turkish soldiers are stationed in too close to a military base in Mosul , the Kurdistan region. And their presence was a major factor reminds him of the experts to explain the delay in launching the attack. 
Demanding Baghdad , the withdrawal of Turkish troops, while Turkey insists on participating in the attack , invarying degrees, in order to limit the power of the Kurds and restore some of the influence it enjoyed in therich area of Mosul. Turkey sees these lands as a zone of influence them. 
The progress Kurdish fighters beyond the borders of the province of Kurdistan autonomous region , Ankara is also concerned that the pro - Shiite forces progressing to Ebadi and under Iran 's influence toward Mosul , theSunni majority. 
How are restored Mosul from Daesh? In recent clocks, certainly will turn into confrontations battles up close from street to street in the city , estimated the number of international coalition organizing Daesh where fighters of between three thousand and 4500. The population of the city of 1.5 million people. The United Nations fears a humanitarian tragedy in it. 
In the case followed the same tactic which was implemented in Tikrit, Ramadi , which restored in March 2015 and February 2016, it is supposed to encircle the city by Iraqi forces before the final assault. Forces may be fighting terrorism in the first grade all over again. 
Before they reach the terrorists regulars sites, it is assumed that Iraqi forces were in control of dozens ofkilometers of territory under Arhabiyan.ocetkon the hostile forces to organize Daesh the face of terrorists who were set over two years to defend the last great stronghold for them. They have resorted to snipers and booby - trapped cars and sow mines in the ground to slow the progress of the Iraqi forces. The strikes against the international coalition, has used the terrorist organization of the population as human shields.

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