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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Facebook activists comment on the battle of Mosul: army airs Bdaash in the largest strongholds



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Facebook activists comment on the battle of Mosul: army airs Bdaash in the largest strongholds

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Oct 2016, 3:45 am

Facebook activists comment on the battle of Mosul: army airs Bdaash in the largest strongholds

 Baghdad / Esra Khaled 

Iraqi forces began at dawn on Monday, anoffensive to regain the city of Mosul, astronghold of the organization Daesh in Iraq, the battle will be the results of a "crucial" in the fight against the terrorist organization. 
He announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi officially dawn on Monday , the start of the restoration of thecity of Mosul , which is being prepared since operations months with the support of the international coalition led by the United States. 

Ebadi said in a televised speech that " the liberation clock rang and approached a moment of great victory ... the will and resolve of the Iraqis and wings." He added , "Dependence on Mighty God Almighty, today announced the launch edit the province of Nineveh process." 
A large number of Iraqis waiting for this moment, as soon as the deployment of a large number of activists and activists publications and comments on networking pages (Facebook Twitter) as well as hundreds ofphotos of the columns military vehicles, rolling toward Mosul. 
the fall of Mosul, the second city in Iraq, north of the country on the banks of the Tigris River in northern Iraq, has landed in the hands of the organization Daesh in June 2014. He announced the organization Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, from Mosul establish a "caliphate" in June 2014 Proceeding from the territory controlled by the organization in Iraq, Syria, seized in 2014. 
the importance of regaining control of Mosul break the terrorist organization in the last stronghold of thelargest him in Iraq. And spotted a newspaper ( the term) publications on Alancotah network sing thelaunching of the battle to liberate the city. 
He said some of the activists that "military units Bdaash tapering off in the biggest strongholds in Iraq." And the price of the leadership of the Communist Party Jassim Hilfi, moments of the start of the battle to liberate Mosul , saying , "It 's a historic moments bright this we are experiencing as locked in our armed forces in all its different forms with the Peshmerga and volunteers in folk and tribal Alhacdan, the battle of honor and dignity, the Battle of finishing the Daesh and expelled from our territory after disgraced and cause a lot of hurt and pain and sorrow for the people of the areas that have plagued Barhabh. " In turn, the civil rights activist and journalist Yasser Salem commented on his page in the (Facebook), the international coalition commander 's statement that the battle of Mosul could take weeks or more, saying , "It is based on this talk to military accounts include the number of troops and their training and the level of their equipment and psychological readiness, and also the strength the enemy and the nature of the battlefield, but a high sense that our armed forces fighters, they will re - time miracles for His glory. " 
as they spin poet Qassim Sangaree, about the battle , " the expression of the mood of the night Mslaoa Mieh invitations, there were evacuated song Mslaoah enthusiastic to coincide with the editorial process of starting and Kate Bs Asmag stronger Song .. uncle Almassaloh romantic Bs Daesh Tablhm laminate. " 
Furthermore, the writer Salwa Zko published on its front page in Facebook pamphlet in which she said , " I can almost hear the hearts of blows fighters on the outskirts of Mosul accelerated with the approaching zero hour .. does not chime from his heart with an hour Elsafralih to step aside and listen to us his voice. " 
in a related context, wrote security expert Hashem al - Hashemi on his page in Facebook saying" eggs God faces a fight against terrorism and the Peshmerga and the band ninth armored .. Ba'shiqah Hamdania and Nimrod Iraqi .. unleash the God .. Mosul , Iraq . " the 
journalist Ahmed Abdul - Hussein, in turn, pointed out in a news item on his page in the (Facebook) that" clashes between the people of Mosul and Daesh broke .. and Mouselaon announcing through loudspeakers onthe rule of Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi. " 
at the same time, the media publish Imad Jassim leaflet about the battle , saying , "the liberation of Mosul end Daesh and head off despicable human group militarily, the political solution to root out brutal roots and stupidity parties corruption system mentality of political Islam lies in changing the electoral commission and the enactment of an election law ensures justice and cleanse the institutions of Gul quotas and all that was made only through mass movements of civil and revolutionary solidarity and concern for the alliance tosupport democratic prudent. " 
as a journalist shining on his Raji said , commenting on the participation of the Iraqi army fighters in the battle of Mosul," when others sacrifice their lives seem to speak really shameful. "

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