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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The terrorists of different nationalities to jihadi group .. How did you get this?



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The terrorists of different nationalities to jihadi group .. How did you get this?

Post by rocky on Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:51 am

The terrorists of different nationalities to jihadi group .. How did you get this?

 d. Qassim Hussein Saleh 

We had in the previous two episodes and actors, doctors, psychologists, academics, intellectuals and journalists of view regarding the problematic preoccupied by global thinking on terrorism, its conclusion: that the terrorists are coming to Iraq, Syria and Libya from different backgrounds: a religious, social, educational, ideological, internationally, lifetime ... and succeed jihadist organizations in recruiting and integrating them into one homogeneous group: socially and ideologically, and Danaa..vkiv this happen?
 In this episode , we ask our point of view in this dilemma, depending where on the global reports and studies Ajunbah..nbdoha numeric facts about the number of foreigners enrolled in the organization of the Islamic State (Daesh). 
 There are no accurate statistics for the number of foreigners enrolled Bdaash or the number of arrivals ,including countries, but estimates are summarized those which are most the following: 
• the number of foreign terrorists in Iraq and Syria (30) thousand fighters. 
(Jean Laborde - UN Committee against terrorism Director, Geneva 07.05.2016) 
• the number of foreign mujahideen (27) thousand fighters coming from 86 countries, half of whom aredescended from countries in the Middle East and North Africa. 
(Suphan Organization for security Consulting - New York) 
• reveal the data recorded between 2013 and 2014 the identity coming from the 40 member states. (CIA) 
• 43% of state regulation fighters are foreign fighters "Mlguenon ideologically and desperate , there is no escape for them." . (Haider Alebadi- an interview with the magazine Der Spiegel) 
, according to statistics in 2013, the preparation of Western fighters enrolled in the organization were as follows: 
* France 1200 * Germany 600 * Britain 600 
* Belgium 440 * Holland 250 * Australia 250 
* Sweden 180 * Austria 150 * Denmark 150 
* America * 100 Spain 100 * Norway 60 
* Finland 70 * Italy 80 * Switzerland 40 
with be the order of the Western countries , according to statistics of the international Centre for extremism (2011-2014) as follows: 
Russia, France, Britain, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Netherlands , Kosovo, Albania, Denmark, China, America and Canada. 
Aalmih..dolh succession 
announcement of Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi (June 29, 2014) for the succession and the use of the name (Islamic state) .. called the world 's Muslims to fight in its ranks, and has sought to achieve the objectives Aalmih.omn that date to the beginning (2016), Shen regulation 70 attack stretched from California to Sydney, carried out by the militants are gaining and sympathizers Mah..dgdgt in the third millennium generation emotions Islamists and non - Islamists sympathetic to him intellectually, and to demonstrate the extension of the influence of the organization of the Islamic state Aalemya.ccant Afghan experience has provided jihadi leaders diehard in the fighting, and experts strategists their role in Zaortnzim Islamic state Alan.obhsp US reports, the Daesh is the terrorist organization the world 's richest, the most disciplined and the number and ability to attract foreign fighters compared to al - Qaeda. 
However intellectual differences, the regulation four spiritual fathers were: 
 Ahmed ibn Hanbal: who was jailed and beaten with a whip of the Abbasid caliphate, Ibn Timih..alve died in a prison in Damascus (both Slvian), and Muhammad ibn Abd al - Wahhab , who called for the asceticism and austerity, lack of reverence for anything other than God, and Sayyid Qutb , who was a "source jihadist ideology "and" philosopher of the Islamic Revolution , "which raised the slogan:" jihad against the West and its agents in the region is the only way to regain the Islamic world itself through him ", which means acceptance of the idea of atonement, and killed rewarded for it, has been executed by Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1966 on charges conspiracy. 
It is the thought of these spiritual fathers devised jihadists leading their reasons: 
• to punish the West to divide Syria and Iraq and US support for Israel. 
• support of the West, Russia, the Arab regimes corrupt and authoritarian. 
• invasion and destruction of Iraq and the killing of thousands. 
• the scandals of abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. the 
reasons for the enrollment of Europeans (b Daesh) 
in Tgosaina for these reasons , the parties following Rchinh..ojdna: 
• the existence of racial aspects of daily, and the prevalence of the phenomenon of Islamophobia, and thegrowth of the extreme right in Western societies, and feeling so natural acknowledged he was accused of anobserver, 
 (Director of the Center international studies extremism in the University of London - Peter Newman) 
• feeling of injustice and suppression and rejection of the European community was born among some communities grudge paying them to engage in terrorist organizations claiming to offer an alternative. (Oxford University) 
• suffering second and third - generation residents of Western countries Muslims, great difficulties in social integration. (Various studies). 
• The majority of enrolled Bdaash lived their lives in a poor community powder, losers semester. "He finds thepowder itself suddenly the owner of absolute power opens the door to his fame and adventure: kill, imprison, and exercises considerable responsibilities make him enjoy a performed barbaric way! (Norwegian study) 
• pay the organization a good salary entrants and foreign compensation of food, health, heating, housing, help wanting to marry to provide Colts and houses. 
the study by Dutch police on the Dutch enrolled in organizing the Islamic state, that they suffer from: 
 * mental disorders and behavioral 
poverty, divorce and family disintegration * 
* housing in poor and marginalized areas 
* attraction posed by life under the banner of Altnzim..pitsuaiqa tenderness city they ( the Commission jihadists) .. an example. 
Aorubion..qatao heads! 
 that is Abu Musab al - Zarqawi and his ilk jihadists cut Alraos..vhzh case we have been used, but to be paid by a European , it looks abnormal or Mstgrbh.omn months cutters heads of Europeans: 
• Mohammed Amoizi, a London accent, which named as "jihadi John" .. that the American journalist James Foley was killed heinous manner. 
• Bo Amira Abu Sayyaf Albalijaki..solh ether Absi once whether he can kill anyone, replied: I want to cut straight! and became locally known as the butcher. 
• Two members of the organization from Austria, Germany and the execution of two people from the Syrian army, and issued a regulation video shows foreign fighters from young people carrying out a death sentence 25 of the Syrian soldiers. 
• Golmurud Halimov (41 years), a Tajik officer earlier, the United States trained him but he broke away and joined the (Daesh) .. America spotted in 30/08/2016 three million dollars to anyone who gives information leading to his arrest. 
 in light of this , get out of the fact that behind the enrollment of foreign organized Islamic state, from specific countries for reasons in this study, is the variety of political, social, psychological, economic , and other related to the composition of personal Almmelthak.aly we see that the lack of social justice in those countries, and the suffering of the second and third generations of the sons of the Muslim communities of thedifficulty of social integration which, growing right European extreme diffusion of racism and Islamophobia ..tanl ranks first in these reasons, followed by physical and psychological reasons is to pay the aid on Azwaj..oakhary concerning love of adventure and the search for fame and satisfy the desires Gansah..wagturab for European society that pushes him to find that meaning to Hyate..ogda in regulating salaries Islamic country.

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