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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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An intelligence team into the connector cradle for operations throughout the whole year



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An intelligence team into the connector cradle for operations throughout the whole year

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:13 am

An intelligence team into the connector cradle for operations throughout the whole year

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

A senior security source confirmed that ateam intelligence income Daesh areas in Nineveh and provided the security forces withdocuments and pictures about the movements of elements of the organization and its centers, which facilitated the start of the battle to liberate the city. 
And traded social networking sites in recent days a video of showing a team intelligence follower of a counter - terrorism, a wandering in a number of districts in the city of Mosul to determine the vital objectives of theorganization as a prelude to target. 
An intelligence source (range Press), " the intelligence effort that was carried out by a team (Astbario Nineveh) had a crucial role in resolving the zero hour for the battle of Mosul, announced by Prime Minister Haider Abadi , in the early hours of Monday morning, the (17 October 2016), through careful monitoring everything that happens in Mosul. " 
adds the source, who asked not to be named, said : " the team had taken it upon himself to provide theDirectorate go with what is useful to start the process starting from the numbers, equipment and whereabouts Aldoaash areas of soft and weak joints, where he was able within a year of work to identify important goals have been on the track bombing of these goals with the help of the international coalition aircraft, having managed to infiltrate the ranks of the terrorist organization of art in ways that enabled him knowledge of alternative plans prepared by the organization to face Almottaghvlh the direction of Mosul , Iraqi forces. " As busy organizing Daesh and its leaders in the city of Mosul , the news of the wild crawling waged by Iraqi forces in various different forms toward the city from the axes of several large military and the results achieved by those forces in the early hours of the operation , which is the most important, the city, according to the high - security source, waiting for "zero hour "Others identified by the Panel intelligence to" rise up"people of the city against the organization, according to the same source. 
the source revealed that" the team of intelligence within the Nineveh managed in addition to the duty ofintelligence, work to create the psychological situation of the Mousliyn, where he continues Associates ofofficers faction with a lot as resource within the city, and agreed to unify Other zero hour inside Mosul to pounce on Aldoaash the right time. " 
and on another quality of the process was carried out by a team of Nineveh intelligence, source confirmed it was only three days ago, where that process contributed to the rescue of hand Qayyarah attack Forbidden gases. 
explains the source , that " the team was able to three days specifically by and through one of his heroes discovered 37 rockets recently by al Daesh about hand Qayyarah with gas developed by the (body search) in the organization is similar to mustard gas, where the organization was planning to target military units during the progress." 
the source asserts that "senior al Daesh was stunned after he saw missiles (high the prices) destroy bombed-aircraft march after the group identified the coordinates of the existence of such missiles with high accuracy." 
team of intelligence and confirms that it is still moving to "high flexibility" within the city of Mosul yet.

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