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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: 80 000 Iraqi fighters taking part in the battles of Mosul



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The Washington Post: 80 000 Iraqi fighters taking part in the battles of Mosul

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:17 am

The Washington Post: 80 000 Iraqi fighters taking part in the battles of Mosul

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Began, since Monday, the federal police and the army and fighters Shiites and Kurds tomove towards the stronghold of theorganization Daesh terrorist Mosul to restore them. 
Since the beginning of zero hour, confirms US officials, said the troops would not have a role in winning the fight now, as it will be limited to advising and assisting their Iraqi counterparts as well as therole of air and artillery sides aide to Iraqi forces. 
in Mosul, will be tested about 80,000 troops to take the full support of the US and Western forces. Unlike theother battles against al Daesh, it suggested the number is to regain control of Mosul, far from previous fighting in Ramadi, Fallujah and Tikrit larger, as were many forces involved in those battles ranging from 10 thousand troops to 15,000 troops. 
According to Gen. Staڤn Townsend, commander of the campaign , which US - led forces in Iraq and Syria, the US side will provide support for advanced forces for air and artillery level, intelligence and advisers, as well as the formation of an air command of her contact with the command center to identify the gunmen organization sites and shelling. 
She talks the United States with its coalition partners about the use of the F -22, as well as combat helicopters , Apache and a cadre poll includes unmanned heavily armed drones with weapons. 
It would be the airspace over Mosul increasingly difficult, especially if it forces attacked various lines of theenemy at one time, according to officials Amrikan.ottzaad Iraqi requests for air support Western bombing Daesh sites in Mosul, as the appeal is often over a connection issued by the joint command center in Baghdad. 
the artillery, another factor enters the battle line, there is a use of guns long - range known as the howitzer that guide missiles known as Heimerz which has been used previously against Daesh organization. Stationed US military presence in Makhmour to the southeast, as well as Qayyarah , which used its airport to launch warplanes. 
Apparently, the long - range artillery may pose an obstacle for the progress of friendly forces, there areproblematic in how to convert the shells path for fear of casualties among the troops friendly. It is not clear yet whether US troops had moved artillery towards the goals and nests militants Daesh into the connector inisolation from the progress of the Iraqi forces and reach down to the front lines. 
And on the advisers, they are beloved label the US Department of Defense in the description found in Iraq byUS forces, unlike US military presence in Syria. In fact, the advisers Americans, they are a series of special operations forces that are trying to set up a private Iraqi force at the level of brigade to fight battles and restore the land. 
And works advisors in Mosul along with Iraqi units, even though the US called Forces advisers are US troops already existed in Iraq during the US - led invasion of the country in 2003, but today carrying recipe advisers and provide military services to a battalion of the Iraqi army. the 
international Alliance partners and advisers who are present on the ground, perhaps allowing them to combat duty in the case so requires, but their role remains, according to US recommendations behind the front lines and advise Iraqi forces only. Regardless of the site and the role of advisers, the feeling of Americans still refusing any combat role in Mosul.

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