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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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EU: we face the risk of the flow of militants Daesh after the liberation of Mosul



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EU: we face the risk of the flow of militants Daesh after the liberation of Mosul

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:18 am

EU: we face the risk of the flow of militants Daesh after the liberation of Mosul

 Baghdad / AFP 

Europe faces the risk of influx of new numbers of terrorists in the event of Iraqi forces regained control of the stronghold of theorganization Daesh in the Iraqi city of Mosul, according to officials and analysts warned, reinforcing fears the European continent which has seen a series of attacks carried out by terrorists. 
During the past two years , it draws thousands of Europeans to Iraq and Syria to join the armed Islamic groups, but after his organization Daesh a series of defeats this year in Syria and Iraq, a number of fighters to return to Europe. 
the Iraqi forces continue their assault on Mosul , which was dominated by the organization two years ago, European countries , experts urged to prepare for reception more jihadists experienced in fighting and who arewilling to carry out attacks in Europe. 
Julian King , EU Commissioner for security Affairs of the newspaper "Die Welt" German daily that " therestoration of the city of Mosul, a stronghold of the organization Daesh in northern Iraq, could lead to thereturn of its fighters violent to Europe . " . 
guessed not flowing a large number of extremist organization fighters from Mosul to Europe, but he stressed that even if he came back a few of these, they will form a "serious threat to us to be ready for him." He said some 2,500 European fighters are still in Alenzaa.rgem regions of the extremist organization 's ability to recruit more fighters in the event of lost his stronghold in the fall of Mosul, the fighters who will lose "homeland" will constitute a threat to the West, according to what he sees Ravaialo Bantocchi Director of the Center for theStudy international security at the Royal United Services Institute. 
he wrote in the newspaper "daily Telegraph" fighters "who lose their way and the revolutionary goal, will constitute a source of concern for security officials around the world for years to come." 
he said that " the organization of Daesh showed the ability to re - fighters to Europe among refugees. if they had been threatened in Iraq and Syria, it increases the preparation of these returnees to set up networks or even launch attacks. " 
Chris Philippine managing director of the Institute of Aapso consultancy combat terrorism and saw that al Daesh" entering a new phase , "he said , adding that when he loses" his succession headquarters "the organization" will force the fighters to fight the streets of war or terrorist acts. " 
he added that the restoration of Mosul , " I think we will see an increase in terrorist attacks in North Africa and the West , "pointing out that the fighters Sechtbion on roads used by refugees to enter Europe. 
he said French security source said Alliance , which is fighting to organize Daesh must do everything possible to contain the jihadists in Mosul and prevent them from resorting to other places. 
experts say the threat posed by the returnees will surpass Europe and Seetmd to Russia in addition to thecountries of North Africa and Southeast Asia. 
he noted French security source said that although around 400 French are still in conflict zones , but that ismuch larger than these number comes from other countries, including Chechnya. 
security sources said that the control of each and every one of the returnees clock requires more than adozen police officers. 
commented French Foreign Minister Jean - marc Aareault "It is very difficult what, working to eliminate extremism" and reform of the kids who their parents take them militants to Syria, Iraq , and will return theextremists.

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