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Iraqi army form groups of resistance inside Mosul and communicate with tribal leaders



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Iraqi army form groups of resistance inside Mosul and communicate with tribal leaders

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:19 am

Iraqi army form groups of resistance inside Mosul and communicate with tribal leaders

 translation: Range 

In a speech last Friday of a mosque in Mosul berth Imam, appointed by Daesh, from thetraditional sermon extolling the virtues of thegroup and claimed the calls to provide support against the expected attack on the city. 
He said one of the people who attended the mosque "You want humiliation once again at the hands of thearmy , do not appreciate the dignity with which Mnhnakm them? Do you want the army abuses being treated as he did before he liberate you? " 
the sermon unusual refers to the chaos and confusion in the ranks of Daesh before the military operation aimed at expelling them from the biggest and the last strongholds in Iraq. 
recently suffered Group a series of losses in the alleged succession, most recently last Sunday when the rebels of Syria to expel extremists from the city of glutinous. 
Iraqi military officials say the splits within the group and the competition between the fighters and the frenzy of the people of Mosul , nearly all increasingly contributed to the Iraqi army feeling with high confidence that the time has come to launch an attack for the second - largest city in the country 's liberation. 
he says one of Mosul 's residents "all the people I talk to are ready for an uprising against the Daesh with thefirst shot in the process , " he said , adding that the new defenses erected by extremists in the city seem to be difficult; in the main streets and put concrete walls on Platform tied with ropes in order to pull the ropes to bring down the walls of the military wheels as it passed. "For me this is funny and goofy." 
Military officials believe that the Daesh has weakened a lot and that is partly due to the (unit of psychological warfare) that negotiated with local elders to abandon extremists Daesh; since nearly a year formed a multi -unit races within the army Iraqi comprising academics specializing in sociology, Unit used psychology and communication as methods secret to secure an agreement with influential people in the 16 districts of theareas of the city, and they helped to rally the people to work with the Iraqi security forces. 
in some cases entered the unit to Mosul and provided arms to the people to use it against Daesh at the start of the military operation. 
after two years of the occupation of Mosul, causing harsh sentence , hardline Daesh, which led to food and fuel shortages as well as sanctions indiscriminate violence, twice the support of the people of the group. 
It is expected Iraqi officials and American fierce fighting and are concerned about the desperate using parents group as human shields, as aid agencies preparing for the unexpected wave of displacement. 
officials say the Pentagon that there are pockets within the connector may make it easier to control than others. A US military official said that the Iraqi forces will begin to tighten the knot around Mosul. 
American military officials were not sure what they will find inside Mosul, many militants disappear between the parents, and others will fight until the end. 
Suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices on the roads activity and other tactics Daesh and weapons will decide the extent of ingenuity of the Iraqi forces in the fighting. Iraqi intelligence officials are trying toencourage local rebels against Daesh and aged parents to stay at home and raise the white flags when theIraqi army to enter the city. 
One way to destabilize the extremists is a group (m) secret managed by the Iraqi army, this group located within the city and you place signs on the homes and offices Daesh the letter (AD) , which means resistance.This character scares extremists who have begun in recent weeks to escape. 
He says one of Mosul 's residents by telephone that the presence of Daesh fighters , much less in the city.And that the foreign fighters, who were patrolling in the streets and cafes in order to control, have disappeared, and the pick - up cars that carry furniture and purposes fleeing fighters replaced cars that were carrying heavy weapons shop. 
Furthermore, the group suffered from internal conflicts, says Sabah Al Noman , a spokesman for the Iraqi forces to fight terrorism , "there are conflicts between local and foreign militants led to daily executions." He says one resident said that "today is not Daesh Daesh which occupied the city two years ago."
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