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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Communist calls to support the army in the battle of Mosul



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Iraqi Communist calls to support the army in the battle of Mosul

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:19 am

Iraqi Communist calls to support the army in the battle of Mosul

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Iraqi Communist Party confirmed its full support and attributed the Armed Forces which kicks off for the Liberation of Mosul, while called to lead the fight to ensure theachievement of results "desired". 
He said the political bureau of the party, in astatement received (long - Presse) a copy of Monday, " The liberation of Mosul process and other cities in the province of Nineveh, was launched this morning (Monday), to rid it of Daesh and his terrorism and tyranny and authoritarian rule , "pointing out that in this" historic and decisive moments turn our greetings pride and appreciation to the brave fighters, the army and the federal police and local Peshmerga and volunteers in the popular crowd, it is the people of Nineveh province. " the 
Communist party said that with the " firing process after the preparations and extensive contacts, we hope to be the battle of liberation in the high level of coordination and unity of will, so as to ensure the job is done and bringing it to the desired results in the most efficient manner and with minimal losses and the greatest successes, not only at the military level, but also in the political, economic and social consequences. " 
He said the Iraqi Communist" this is reflected in higher commitment and official instructions and regulations, which would reduce the human and material losses, and preserve the lives of innocent civilians and assist them in managing their affairs, including spare them the horrors of battle and fighting against Daesh terrorist, and make the effort to maintain the infrastructure and property of the people and the state, and create theconditions for the survival of the population in their homes and their positions, a reduction of the size of thedisplacement and the suffering it causes, because it is also important and necessary, to prevent the occurrence of the actions of undisciplined. " 
He declined the party" everything prejudice the sovereignty and independence of our country, and any foreign intervention in its affairs, "condemning" Turkish statements that are inconsistent with the principles of good neighborliness and the norms of international law. " the 
political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party and continued that" as we continue the progress of the battles, and the mettle of fighters, and we commend their courage and sacrifice, go in these difficult moments to our people in Mosul and other cities of Nineveh of different affiliations, to rise up to help the armed forces support and reference information, and to resist dirty Daesh methods, and everything that facilitates editing urgent task, and reduces pain and suffering. " 
He said the party, it" suitable, too, to go to our people throughout the country, to raise the level of solidarity and support for the formations of the army and security forces, armed with high caution necessary and vigilance about the ravages Daesh and Oitamh in sleeper cells, which will not hesitate to commit sins and misdeeds in defense of the head of the snake Aldaasha " . the 
political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party concluded in his statement that " the battle to liberate Mosul isan opportunity for review and evaluation, and move towards the development of our country on the right track, leading to the creation of the state of citizenship, democracy and social justice."

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