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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Question for immigrants: Will it return to Mosul, said a solution where one day of peace?



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Question for immigrants: Will it return to Mosul, said a solution where one day of peace?

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 3:25 am

Question for immigrants: Will it return to Mosul, said a solution where one day of peace?

 Nevzat Hmedin 

Man he had once thought his departure to another place best forgotten his days and its long history in his homeland and Satoqlm quickly with the new place, he 
 died at the fool who thought that theconnector can forget about it as soon as I bring my bag and leave , away from her. Here is a third year of my pilgrimage almost elapsed and still push a look back streets and alleys , and its schools and Biotadtha which included forty years of my life. 
Maybe it is not like a city (Skien) charming Norwegian Oqtnha now with my small family, Valmousel which was at the forefront of Iraqi cities decades her end wars absurd successive and stifle terrorism cruelty retreated education and stalled the economy and referred cinemas and theaters to retire women arrested at home prison and became a death penalty for the most basic offense or just the idea of changing notify in mind. 
but it home for existing the wires are not visible and keeps me going on in its orbit, this is the essence The rest of the stuff just peel on top of each accumulated circumstances and perhaps our mistakes as citizens have allowed all this to happen and then turned their backs and left simply. 
but as long as I thought that I have more people Moseley suffering from dizziness Diaspora disorders and I am the only one who discovered that the umbilical cord between the cities and their children never stops but I realized my mistake terrible day attended a session hosted by the Iraqi cultural Center in Oslo novelist Musli Mohammed Mufti. 
novelist said a resident in Norway since (17 years) however seemed just arrived was smelling of door Serail and popular areas odors in the moments just before Iftar cannon and launched from his hands flocks pools forests and butterflies plains spring colorful drips from his eyes tears of displaced people in grief and theremaining camps in the detention of families under the yoke of occupation Daesh. he 
taught me mufti day which conveys enthusiasm Thaer suffering of his family that the home is not just aslogan call of the Nlsqh on the walls of our homes and school we wrote, it is stamped on foreheads and concealed in our hearts and our consciences and stuck with our lives and wherever it moves us extended leave will remain static in us. 
I told him shyly like a pupil in his lesson the first: "Do you go back to Mosul , peace solution in one day?".Think a bit before answering: " Is not it have to Ogaderha first?" 
I felt like I squeezed my nose in the privacy and exceeded a line humanly Red, In Norway , you could not ask strangers for their personal items and spin dialogues are mostly about the weather and the holiday food. 
Mufti write off all of that and he took me back to Hroda saying: "we have to respond to the connector debt ,which in our necks." 
picked up a quick question - painted sign on my face and continued: "You have to keep it within the Iraqi framework and block the way to those who want to be separated after the liberation of Daesh pretext transferred to the province and other projects circulating among politicians and staying with conferences, seminars and promoting them in the media , but without taking the opinion of the citizens of the city isolated in Mosul because of the cut and means of communication for them from the phones and the Internet and prevent the use of television Satellite devices. " 
" is not transferred to the territory of a solution to prevent a repeat of what happened in Mosul of ignoring Baghdad 's security and economic files and simply watching them years , which is suffering from cancer ofterrorism and then left for grabs him to withdraw his security authority? " he 
interrupted me quietly he presses his hand on my shoulder:" scenario arises now is to transform Nineveh to several provinces along ethnic and sectarian lines , and this holds in with it the danger future great. " 
I asked him again:" this is the nature of the regions a group of people brought together by affiliations and areshaped in the light of administrative units ", move his finger , denying:" this will not correct with Nineveh because the putative provincial components already infected with a deep wound caused by Daesh and thereasons for the litigation will remain It can not simply be collected in the territory , but would prefer some integration with neighbors , Kqdhae Sinjar , for example , and the cities of Nineveh plain and I think it will never hesitate to ask to join the Kurdistan region , rather than engage in a mysterious administrative system without protection or a clear source of funding that Baghdad rejected the endorsement and support of thegeneral budget . " . 
I experienced again roundabout Diaspora symptoms and I'm trying to disengage mentally between wishes and reality of the case it is inevitable against civilians is entering into a swirling political conflicts do not hardly ever out of the crisis until they find other open its arms tentacles them. 
I like the same happens: "it depends on what will be determined by the people "Muhammad Mufti smiled and brushes his hand in a pre - emptive move to what he has to say, but I continued to " give back to our city lies in the stand with the people to determine their own destiny , rather than inflict them decided 'we have to listen to this voice just took him to the world of lobbying and support. " He shook his head Mtvhma Fjzptna home wires invisible strongly and I started to say: "The people of Nineveh to benefit from the harsh lesson and inspect for themselves the participants that gathered together before and made the church bells ringing in Mosul beside takbeers mosques peacefully lived together and tasted the sweetness of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and Yazidi and Shabak. " 
released a broad smile and asked me , looking into my eyes:" will it return to Mosul , peace solution in oneday? "I answered immediately emulator accent:" Is not that the Ogaderha first? "

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