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The combined forces to end the threat of Daesh Kierh about rushing into Shora and approaching Hamdan



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The combined forces to end the threat of Daesh Kierh about rushing into Shora and approaching Hamdan

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 4:13 am

Iraqi forces are moving towards Mosul
The combined forces to end the threat of Daesh Kierh about rushing into Shora and approaching Hamdania

19/10/2016 00:45 
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Daesh organization resorted to the kidnapping of dozens of families from some of the villages to the south of Mosul, and the execution of a number of civilians before withdrawing to the north of Qayyarah. This came on the second day of the start of the military operation to liberate Nineveh.
In the meantime, a Kurdish official warned of the danger of intervention of Turkish troops in the ongoing military operations under the cover (crowd Najafi).
Use the terrorist organization at the center of Qayyarah, "a new tactic," hiding in the daytime and at night to attack the troops, also she began to strike military units there with rockets manufactured locally, and put IEDs in the winding roads.
Forces liberated in cooperation with the crowd clans, in the southern axis 0.3 task villages they represent a threat to the hand Qayyarah after editing two months ago. Liberated forces also seized control of a number of oil wells that were in the hands Daesh.
Furthermore collar army and the Peshmerga forces Hamdaniya district, in the south-east of Mosul, while reaching pieces of federal police] advice to the parties.
And it announced that the Federal Police, yesterday, the liberation of Tel margarine area, asserting that Qtatha are close in terms of] advice south of the city of Mosul.
And it threw the Iraqi air force, at the end of the first day of the Battle of Mosul 0.17 million leaflets over areas in Nineveh province and the district of Hawija in Kirkuk and parts of western Anbar province, urged the population of the uprising against Daesh.
A statement from the cell media war "to ensure the safety of every citizen had to move away from the headquarters, associations and stores Daesh, and areas of their presence and urged all those involved with them, to leave them on the spot."
He pointed out that "the Iraqi air force planes dropped in a larger campaign to shed 0.17 million leaflets on sixteen area in the province of Nineveh, and Hawija, in Kirkuk, spend-based regions curse and Rawa in Anbar."
The statement called on "all citizens in these areas to fully prepare and get ready, for the uprising on Daesh in an hour will announce it."
The cell media announced on Monday, the outcome of the first day of the military operation in Mosul, which resulted in the liberation of 14 villages in the south and southeast of Mosul.
Daesh Vengeance "Alahud"
On the ground, confirmed Olokua Abdul Rahman, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, who is in the southern sector of military operations, the liberation of three villages in the north of Qayyarah notably Alahud Village, which was used to target Daesh Qayyarah mortars, taking advantage of falling on an elevated area.
He revealed Olokua, in connection with the (range) yesterday for "band control 15 Iraqi Army forces with the federal police, backed out from the crowd on the tribal villages of Alahud basement and Fawqani and a number of oil wells."
The member of the Nineveh provincial council that "those villages are still some pockets of insurgents, who began the day in hiding and sudden forces at night."
Insurgents have begun there using homemade bombs and missiles in the off-road, also published a number of snipers.
It emphasizes local administrator, that the joint forces "need some time to liberate the remaining villages in the north of Qayyarah to get to] advice," referring to the control of the villages Daesh "Rfilh" and "corner".
The Olokua pointed out that about 10 thousand people living in the villages Alahud liberated, revealed that Daesh revenge of the population before the withdrawal to the villages north Alahud.
The organization was kidnapped, according to the local administrator, 30 families, and executed six young people and the wounding of eight because of the uprising on Daesh population in those villages.
The young people from the villages of Mentvdon Alahud succeeded, yesterday, killing nine of the most prominent leaders of Daesh there, while villages have seen a slight displacement of the population has been evacuated to shelters in the camps Qayyarah that Atbad only 5 km away from their home areas.
Olokua stressed that "the displaced will be returned to the home shortly after securing the villages."
Risk of] advice
For his part, Brigadier General Firas Sabri, a spokesman for the Liberation of Nineveh operations, restoration of the village "Alzakh" in southern Mosul from the grip Daesh.
He revealed Sabri (range) yesterday, for "raising the 40 explosives during the editing process and villages Alahud Alzakh, as well as the bombing of seven wheels bomb."
The military official confirmed that "forces" moving toward the other villages in the north toward Qayyarah] advice. "
The areas (] advice) and (Hamam al-Alil) in the southern axis of the connector, one of the main strongholds Daesh in Nineveh province. The hand (] advice) may have seen the emergence of the seed of the organization (Al-Qaeda) and then (Daesh) later.
The security forces had foiled a planned terrorist group control over areas south of Mosul launched from (] advice), and attacked the police station six months before the fall of Mosul in June 2014.
Camouflage Turkish troops
In addition, a Kurdish official in a drunken warned of a "camouflage" may turn to present in Ba'shiqah Turkish troops, to impose itself on the ongoing military operation.
Rashad Klaly, an official of the Kurdistan Union Party and guessed that Turkish troops wearing clothes crowd of the Liberation of Iraq to engage in a military operation.
Klaly denied (range) or move Turkish troops (crowd Najafi) from Camp Ba'shiqah, expecting the arrival of Iraqi forces or factions of the crowd to Ba'shiqah in any way "to put pressure on the Turkish camp and prevented him from participating."
So the outcome of operations ended in the eastern axis, which is under the responsibility (the Peshmerga) and the Iraqi Army, during the first two days of the military operation to free 11 villages. As troops reached the outskirts of Hamdania.
The official confirmed that the Kurdish "Peshmerga forces and the army to Aabaadan only 2 km from the Hamdania area."
The Peshmerga forces, had done at the first day of the Battle of 0.9 villages of the axis of Khazar, and formed an arc surrounding the north-east side of the connector, and has become close to the Christian towns and retina task.
Conversely Klaly stressed that "Daesh" has all the potential in Mosul, is no longer in front of him only a "crude and planting explosive burning."
The local officials have confirmed that "Daesh" may request through the loudspeakers of mosques elements "move from the left coast to the right."
As well as the form of extremist organization "Committee for executions" belongs behind the fronts, and carried out its maiden day of the Battle of Mosul, a field Baaadamat against 40 militants of his followers because of their withdrawal from the Khazar fighting in eastern Mosul.

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