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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Who Support ISIS and Who Does not



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Who Support ISIS and Who Does not

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 6:02 am

Who Support ISIS and Who Does not
Posted on October 19, 2016 by Abdul-Qahar Mustafa in 1 Top News, Exclusive

Islamic State ID card. Photo: Alina Khan @Linaminadika/Twitter

[size=11]Abdul-Qahar Mustafa  | Special to[/size]
In June 2014, Baghdadi forces, ISIS, shocked just about everyone when they swept across Iraq, capturing not only large parts of Iraqis remote areas but also major cities like Mosul and Tikrit, important resources like hydroelectric dams and oil refineries, and several strategic border crossings with Syria. Within a month, the group now is calling itself the Islamic State would officially declare the establishment of a caliphate in the territory under its control, naming Baghdadi the caliph and leader for Muslims everywhere.
Many reports have indicated that the Islamic State was financed by wealthy individuals throughout the Middle East, mostly from the Gulf countries. But as IS gained more and more territories in Syria and Iraq, they started collecting taxes from occupied citizens and seized oil refineries, and received money from hostage taking.It became the wealthiest of other al-Qaeda franchises. And with very internet propaganda techniques, IS got huge manpower pool from all over the world, among the Moslem youths even from the Western countries. It became more powerful than al-Qaeda itself.They got the Russian-made weapons from Syrian military bases which fell to IS and the American-made weapons from the Iraqi military bases which fell to IS.

Now,many people think some countries in the middle east especially gulf monarchs, are supporting IS and want them to succeed.It make sense to say that Sunnis countries do like ISIS to fight Shia groups such as Hezbollah, Al Mahdi Army and Alwaits in the region, because it undermines their influence in the middle east. However,I really doubt they want IS to generally succeed and establish a Caliphate state in the middle east, because IS clearly declare the Arabs monarchs as apostate and its a direct threat to their thrones.More than that,Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE are currently focusing more on fighting Iranian proxy in Yemen with the Houthis.
Speaking of Kurds, they obviously do not support ISIS at all, neither do want them to succeed against any other group whether it be Shia, Sunnis, Turks, Israel or western countries. ISIS have killed not only many Kurdish people and Peshmerga fighters, but also want to invade kurdistan and gain control over oil fields in Kurdistan of Iraq.However countries like Turkey do like ISIS to fight Kurds as Turkey is against the growth and development of Kurdistan in the middle east.
Iran is the arch enemy of IS. Iranians are fighting them now, assisting the Iraqis and Kurds in fighting IS. Iran’s ally, Hezbollah, is also fighting IS and other Syrian rebel. IS hates Shiites, so there is no way Iran wants them to succeed as well.However,Iranian regime who always chant slogan like ‘Death to America and Israel ‘ certainly do not mind if ISIS blow up American embassies or their war navy in the gulf sea or kill Israeli soldiers because Iranian regime of mullah hate both Israel and America with passion and take them as their sworn enemies in the middle east.
Russia also do not want ISIS to take a foothold in the middle east.It has been bombing ISIS positions in Syria continually.However, the Russian position in the war of Syria and ISIS is more like a barging chip. It is more about interests and their disputes with NATO. Russia finds the war in Syria as a golden opportunity to exploit it in order to bargin and gain some concession out of NATO. Russia is basically supporting Assad regime in order to hurt the interests of Israel in the middle east.I strongly believe that if a deal is reached between Russia and NATO over their differences,their is a high chance that Russia will get out of Syria and leave Syrian army to handle the fights against the opposition groups alone.
As for Israel, they do not support IS either, because terrorist groups like IS, al-Nusra, and so likes, are thirsty for Jewish blood.However, Israel do like to see ISIS fighting other Terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas Al Quds forces, Huthies, because all of these groups are against Israel and USA. Western countries, have the same take towards IS as Israel does. However,they prefer a stable Middle East than a chaotic one. All of the Middle Eastern states except Iran and Syria, are friendly to US. That would guarantee the flow of oil, which would stabilize the fuel prices, and in turn global economy. A chaotic Middle East, especially one ruled by IS, would spawn global-wide terrorism. All countries of the whole world should stand unified against ISIS. They should willingly contribute all human, material and military resources to destroy this evil force as soon as possible.
W, Frances “Everything you need to know about ISIS.”THE WEEK, July 5, 2014.

Abdul-Qahar Mustafa is a graduate student from Saint Louis high school in Canada. He is advocate of justice, democracy and human rights. He currently lives in Sarsang/Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan. Mustafa is a contributing writer for Ekurd.

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