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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Barzani: Kurds do not covet lands to others



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Barzani: Kurds do not covet lands to others

Post by rocky on Thu 20 Oct 2016, 6:39 am

Barzani: Kurds do not covet lands to others

Thursday 20-10-2016 | 12:01:05

M m r h-d
Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on Wednesday, that the battle of Mosul will be difficult and it is impossible to set a date for the deadline, while stressing that the Kurds do not covet Ard El-one, pointed out they continue to fight until the end.
He came Barzani's remarks during an interview with CNN US television station, referring to the start of liberalization of Mosul process by saying that today is the third day of the operation and achieve good progress was directed good blows to organize "Daesh" terrorist and freed about 300 square kilometers and progress is still continuing.
And on how to defend Altzim terrorist war and Altktaat used against him, said Barzani that "Daesh" depends on the car bombs and suicide attacks, as well as planting roadside bombs and mines have embarked on the burning of black oil well, adding that all this did not prevent Alپeshmrگh the process advances.
And on the participation of Alپeshmrگh forces in Mosul liberalization process and the importance of the expulsion "Daesh" of this city of Mosul, Barzani announced Dohuk lies 70 km and 80 km of the capital Arbil, pointing out that the stability of this city will have a direct impact on the province of Kurdistan.
Barzani pointed out that the Kurds do not covet Ard El-one, adding that the land where the land is located Alپeshmrگh Kordstanih where Kurds live.
The Leshan post "Daesh" Barzani said that needed to be re-shaping the city administration, adding that he is not permitted to rely on revenge and must reassure the people of Mosul that they will be protected.
And on went the other numbers of displaced people to the region due to the military operation Barzani stressed that the 1.8 million displaced people currently are located in the region, as well as 300,000 Syrian refugees, pointing out that he has been working with the Iraqi government and the United Nations to provide humanitarian aid and supplies for the displaced.
And on the duration of the battle of Mosul and how much it will take Barzani pointed out that the war is not desirable and no one likes bloodshed, but dared to hope that the terrorists on the territory of the people all over the world, likely to be a big battle and take a long time.
Barzani also announced that he is difficult to determine the time of the war, adding that they will continue to fight until the end, as he put it.

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