KIRKUK / News Network Iraq , said Homeland Security director in Dumez neighborhood in Kirkuk, Colonel SmCo Rbati, on Saturday, said that more than 10 snipers were still present in theDumez neighborhood, while the Iraqi Interior announced, the return of stability to the city ofKirkuk. He said Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman, Saad Maan in a press statement today: " thesecurity situation in Kirkuk , a stable, and police and security forces to impose their control." and news that talked about the participation of members of the PKK in controlling security inside thecity, Maan denied that the "definitive shape." Homeland Security director in Dumez neighborhood, said that "there are a large number of deaths, but the final outcome is not yet showing , " noting that " the number of the wounded were transferred to hospitals in Irbil and Sulaymaniyah." in thesame context, he said the province and district police chief in Kirkuk Brigadier Sarhad Kader: "the situation in Kirkuk is heading towards calm in general, elements Daesh firing intermittently at Dumez neighborhood." Brigadier Sarhad Qadir, said that " the number of militants Daesh who entered the city was 40 gunmen and sleeper cells helped the attackers." says the last news from Kirkuk, said that "quieter careful hangs over Dumez neighborhood after dark with thecontinuation imposed on the city early morning hours since the curfew." the renewed clashes in several districts of Kirkuk, from Friday evening, between the elements Daesh holed up in a number of city buildings and security forces. According to Reporters by field, that the fighters of theinternational coalition bombed a kindergarten building , which was holed in which elements of theDaesh., who controlled militants Daesh on old hotel in Mgideh Street, where he holed a number ofthem and try one of the militants blew himself up, but he was killed in front of the hotel. as fresh clashes erupted, Friday afternoon, near the governorate building and near the Plaza Mall building and exhibition fair, the center of Kirkuk, and continues up to now entrenched elements of theorganization (Daesh) in residential buildings in this area. the infiltration of a number of Sunni Islamist al Daesh to Dumez neighborhood of Kirkuk, which was besieged by the security forces. the dawn of armed themselves in front of the old building to the police station, on Friday morning ,while the Kurdish members of al - Daesh the implementation of several large - attacks and an unprecedented targeting security headquarters and a building preservation, intelligence and police stations displaced and police molasses gas. the expanded clashes circle in the five large revive them one in June and Aledumaz and Andalus and the ninety prisoners and missing persons. and arrived reinforcements of counter - terrorism forces to the city of Sulaimaniya, to participate in thecontainment of the security situation. the morning of Friday , Iraqi forces engaged Btiran Alliance,to repel a massive attack by gunmen and suicide bombers from "Daesh" on police stations and government buildings inside the city.