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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Battle of Kirkuk," raises the neighboring provinces fears of similar operations



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Battle of Kirkuk," raises the neighboring provinces fears of similar operations

Post by rocky on Sun 23 Oct 2016, 3:17 am

"Battle of Kirkuk," raises the neighboring provinces fears of similar operations

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Security forces returned in Kirkuk, on Saturday, to control the situation in most of the county areas two days after an unprecedented attack by militants Daesh the oil - rich yet. 
The militants regulation have killed a mosque south of Kirkuk , an official and stole his truck to move them to towards the government complex downtown center of the province. 
local officials estimated the number of attackers between 100 and 200 militants, were distributed across the regions within small groups. And go to the speculation that the militants had entered Kirkuk in the day of theattack , or before him by 24 hours. 
Officials blamed gave to the Iraqi government , which left behind Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, and headed for the Liberation of Mosul. And warned of similar operations in the cities that are still under the control of Daesh, and did not fully released. In 
return for does not appear events in Kirkuk have affected the conduct of operations in Mosul, although the circulation of information on the withdrawal of Peshmerga for some Qtatha and sent to Kirkuk to support therest of the troops in repelling Daesh attack. With the start of the fifth day of operations edit Mosul, Kirkuk residents surprised, at dawn on Friday, the spread of militants Daesh within their city. The clashes began in different parts of the center of Kirkuk, was followed by an attack on a power plant under construction in thedistrict of molasses near. 
Announced that the security forces after the attacks , a ban on roaming throughout the province. The Governor emphasized that Najm al- Din Karim, hours after the attack, said that " to address and eliminate the atonement gangs will be in the hands of Iraqis without foreign interference." 
The security sources said, yesterday, that killed 46 people and wounded 133 others injured , most of them security forces during clashes in Kirkuk. 

the night of the attack on Kirkuk 
in the meantime as proof Assi, head of the Arab group in Kirkuk, a political movement that includes Arabs maintain, the number of attackers were "between 100 to 200 members ." 
said Assi in contact yesterday with (range), that " the attackers divide into groups small with 10 members, and were deployed in 15 districts , "he said , adding that they drove south of Kirkuk from the revival of " Company neighborhood, Aledumaz, and the appeal. " 
He revealed one of Kirkuk 's Arabs leaders for" the militants Djuloa to the city on the day of the attack , or before him one day, " noting that "they have killed one of the elders of the mosques in the south of Kirkuk and seized his vehicle load Kia to move to the center of the city." The video aired activists, on Friday, on thesocial networking sites, from the moment you enter Daesh to Kirkuk, showed a number of gunmen who are traveling in a car carrying "Kia" blue color. 
He denied the Orontes be "attackers Kirkuk had set off from the shelter camps for the displaced or residents when one coming to the province , "adding that" the forces approaching control almost completely on the city, Bastnthae the presence of some militants trapped in homes in southern Kirkuk. " 

fragile security and sleeper cells 
and declared the governor of Kirkuk, yesterday, about the existence of Daesh sleeper cells in the province, estimated the number of militants involved in the attack as a "ranges between 35 to 50 insurgents." 
said Najm al- Din Karim, in a press statement that "more than 600 thousand people have been displaced from Sunni areas to Kirkuk," adding , "It is likely the existence of sleeper Daesh cells in Kirkuk and we expect that provides the organization to use it to target the province. " 
he noted cream that" Daesh was intended to control the governorate building and police headquarters and anumber of political parties, "he killed all Daesh elements who participated in the attack. 
in the meantime , considered the security and defense committee parliamentary government 's decision to "Skip" Hawija and starting to edit Mosul as "wrong strategic fatal." 
he was surprised Committee member MP Hoshyar Abdullah, in a press statement yesterday, what he described as "strange from the United States to insist on a speedy start the process of Mosul and keep Hawija , in the grip of Daesh" . Blaming the Iraqi government and the National Alliance , " the responsibility for delaying liberalization of Hawija." 
The proof of the sinner, and the parties in the popular crowd defended, during the last period, the idea ofstarting the liberalization of Hawija , before heading to Mosul, in contrast to the vision and Washington , which insisted on an end to Mosul file before the start of the US election. He says the sinner "We continue to hear about the release of Hawija , but we have not seen any new troops arrived in the province." 
Paid great breach of security in Kirkuk, the rest of the neighboring provinces to take strict security precautions.And threatens to bring Kirkuk and other provinces are still suffering from fragility of security, Kdially, Salahuddin and Anbar, to the point of having "trouble" for militants in the surroundings. 
The gunmen attacked, two weeks ago, the editor of the West Sharqat. This was the second setback , which coincided with the start of preparations for the attack on Mosul. The security forces suffered a setback again in Azwaip village, located to the south of Sharqat, after 24 hours of edited. 
And repeated in recent weeks , attacks on security forces in the wetland area, which prompted Anbar officials to warn of the danger of the return of Daesh to the liberated areas if continued confusion security. 
Mosul outside noise , 
despite the security confusion caused by the process of Kirkuk, but failed to block the advancement of thejoint forces in Mosul. It has announced the military leadership, yesterday, from the liberalization of hand Hamdania center southeast of Mosul. Forces also went to spend Tilkaif, despite the fact that some segments of the Peshmerga in Mosul withdrawal to Kirkuk, also revealed that proof Orontes. 
Turn revealed Abnaan Jarba, a member of the Nineveh provincial council in an interview with the (range) yesterday, from near the start of the Mosul dam axis which was not involved since the start of editing operations six days ago. 
and resides in ( the center of the dam) pieces of the band 16 of the Iraqi army , which has received previous training at the hands of officers from the Marine Corps. Jarba confirmed "the existence of factions of thecrowd, including families of the Nineveh crowd Najafi." He noted a member of Nineveh that " the crowd clan, who will take part in the battle of Mosul, would be under the command of the commander of the military axis will not follow any other party." Furthermore Jarba asserted control over the fire sulfur Mishraq after the arrival of reinforcements consisting of bulldozers and mechanisms of the region to participate in to douse theflames effort. 
The officials in Mosul , warned Friday of the incidence he married at around Mosul towns, as a result of gas emissions generated by the burning of Daesh large amounts of sulfur in Mishraq plant. The officials said (range) that "emitted from the sour gas can be fatal , especially for children, if the person continues Bastnchagah for a long time." 
As swung the wind changed the point of "emissions", has up to Qayyarah, or in other areas such as Sharqat or Mosul or even to the Kurdistan region.

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