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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Turkmens claim to form popular committees to protect Kirkuk and warn of a scheme aimed at them



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Turkmens claim to form popular committees to protect Kirkuk and warn of a scheme aimed at them

Post by rocky on Mon 24 Oct 2016, 4:00 am

Turkmen Front flag
Turkmens claim to form popular committees to protect Kirkuk and warn of a scheme aimed at them

Author: MA 
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10/23/2016 21:53 
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Long-Presse / Kirkuk
It called on the Iraqi Turkmen Front, on Sunday, to the formation of a "popular security committees" in the areas of Kirkuk and its neighborhoods housing with the participation of all the political blocs, usually targeting terrorism Turkmen areas "exclusively" indicates the existence of "a systematic scheme" to be separated from each other and other regions, in the framework of scheme targeting component and geography.
The presidency of the Turkmen Front, in a statement this evening, received a (long-Presse), a copy of it, that in "a time when the Iraqi Turkmen Front hails all the security forces and civilian volunteers who confronted terrorism in Kirkuk, they are wondering about how to enter about 150 element of Daesh into the city, although the edges and entrances protected by the security forces, and whether the actions taken despite the warning of the Iraqi intelligence Service in a report of the security committee the existence of a security breach in Kirkuk is sufficient or not. "
 She presidency front, that "the security of Kirkuk and maintain it and its people can not be managed in this way, especially with the entry of PKK PKK forces to the province under the pretext of defending it and then stay inside to pose a big problem for all the components of Kirkuk, which will affect our relationship with some Kurdish parties." , calling for the "formation of a popular security committees in all regions and from all blocs."
She urged the front, the local government in Kirkuk, "the support and the assignment of these committees being serve to maintain and protect it from terrorist operations, where proven facts effectiveness of arming civilians in areas and neighborhoods that came under terrorist attacks and help security forces", usually that "terrorist gangs attacks on Turkmen areas exclusively targeting commercial centers Turkmen shops and business Turkmen indicates the existence of a systematic scheme to separate the Turkmen areas from each other and other regions across fabricating crises and the best proof of that is what happened some time ago in Tuz to be separated from the Kirkuk as well as the separation of Tal Afar from other Turkmen regions as well as the bombing of Taza Khurmatu and the massacre DAQUQ in the targeting of the Council of consolation for women. "
The presidency stressed the Turkmen Front, to "control and Daesh attacks on some of the predominantly Turkmen areas is only a link in the plot against the Turkmen series and geography."
 It is noteworthy that (Daesh) attacked Kirkuk, the dawn of the first on Friday (21 October 2016 present), and seized several areas where before security forces could thwart it, killing or injuring dozens and causing substantial material damage.

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