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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kirkuk administration denies issuing a decision to demolish the role of displaced people and get the



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Kirkuk administration denies issuing a decision to demolish the role of displaced people and get the

Post by rocky on Fri 28 Oct 2016, 3:16 am

Displaced people from areas dominated by (Daesh) in Kirkuk
Kirkuk administration denies issuing a decision to demolish the role of displaced people and get them out "forcibly" from the province

Author: AR, MA 
Editor: AR, BK 28/10/2016 10:15 Number of Views: 193 

Long-Presse / Kirkuk
 Denied Kirkuk Provincial Administration on Friday issued a decision demolition role of displaced people and get them out "forcibly" from the province, (250 km north of Baghdad), which it showed that it was from the first moment was their "help and supportive" when "abandoned" them, their representatives and they were the victim's (Daesh), confirmed the relentless quest to return them "safe" for the liberated areas.
The governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream in Tlguett statement (range Press) copy of it, in response to media statements by Vice encounter pink, accused the administration of the province and its security forces to adopt operations "demolition" of the role and directed by forced for the displaced, the "Pink did not bother, since June events of the year 2014, follow-up displaced from maintaining (Anbar), or visit them only once for a few minutes and remained throughout the last term appears on television as she spoke of false information and false accusations have no basis in reality. "
He added cream, that "pink touched last night, to the destruction of the role and the forced return of the displaced people in the ill clear the security services and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan," noting that "we tell her that the administration of Kirkuk will not issue them any decision to demolition and deportation for the displaced."
The governor pointed out, that "the administration of Kirkuk and its people and its security forces were from the first moment of help and a support for the displaced when abandoned by their representatives and they were the victim of a gang (Daesh) terrorist were the positions of Kirkuk and its citizens that they shared their food and their homes with displaced people remained Kirkuk administration that voice defender them and Courier safe to return them to their areas liberated ".
Addressing cream, displaced according to the statement, saying, "You are like us and our guests and you must be aware that to meet with the pink and some sounds that weeping on Daesh and their defeats, they themselves use Mosatkm to return once again to political facade, which was a major cause of what you are doing today," stressing that "Kirkuk It opened its doors to the displaced remain resolutely its security forces and its citizens to sponsor their guests and eager to safety and returned to liberated areas away from the voices that do not want goodness and peace for Iraq and its political system. "
The governor of Kirkuk, denied on Monday (24 October the current 2016), the displacement of people displaced from the sons of the province of Nineveh, he promised not to create a central government conditions for the return of displaced persons to their areas liberated constitutes a "victory" for (Daesh), while the local government confirmed in Nineveh they coordinate with its counterpart in Kirkuk to ensure the "organization" for the displaced to return the liberated areas in the Bartila Hamdania after securing their services.
The media have confirmed that, the province of Kirkuk administration began to bring the displaced people of the province, following the attack by the organization (Daesh) on a number of areas of the province, at dawn on Friday (21 October) the current, prompting some of the displaced people to commit suicide.

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