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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Zamili of Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre DAQUQ according to the preliminary investigatio



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Zamili of Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre DAQUQ according to the preliminary investigatio

Post by rocky on Sat 29 Oct 2016, 3:19 am

Zamili of Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre DAQUQ according to the preliminary investigation

 Kirkuk / long-Presse 

Chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting, on Friday, the formation of two committees to investigate an incident targeting consolation Hosseini Council in Daquq, revealed this week. He pointed out that the preliminary results showed the involvement of an Iraqi aircraft in this incident. 

He Zamili, during a press conference held on the sidelines of the visit of the Sadrist movement delegation to Kirkuk, and attended ( the long - Presse), "it was the formation of parliamentary and governmental committees to investigate the incident of exposure Shiite shrine in Daquq aerial bombardment Friday before last , "noting that" the initial results of the investigation is believed to be an Iraqi aircraft and our timing, but I can not vouch for once and for all in the incident. " 
the head of the security committee of the parliamentary" we firmly we will hold all of the causes for the bloodshed and the results Stnkhv soon . " he said , adding that "the security and defense committee in the House of Representatives will host the chief of police and security leaders to discuss the repercussions of theevents of Kirkuk to stand with them and help them because of the privacy of Kirkuk." 
the Mayor of Daquq, announced Friday before last, killing and wounding of 65 women with " the bombing of an Iraqi fighter" of the Council of consolation Hosseini inside a Shiite mosques. 
The delegation arrived from the Sadrist movement, to Kirkuk yesterday, a week after the exposure of the city to a fierce attack by hundreds of elements Daesh. Said Salah al - Obeidi, head of the delegation and aspokesman for the cleric, said that "the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to get us safety and greetings to the citizens and the administration of Kirkuk and inform you condolences to the families of martyrs and saluted theposition of the people of Kirkuk heroic repelled Daesh attacks that came to cover their defeats on thebattlefield, especially Mosul." 
He said al - Obeidi " The visit to Kirkuk and to meet with the governor comes to confirm our thanks to thecitizens and the forces of security and administration of Kirkuk , " stressing that "our message to the gangs Daesh terrorist is that the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr is the security of Kirkuk , and keep it from holy sites." In 
turn, the star of cream religion governor of Kirkuk, during the conference , said that " to maintain privileged tovisit the Sadrist movement delegation to Kirkuk , and this is not the first visit to them , " and expressed histhanks to the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , "the positions honorable and courageous." 
He added cream that "Kirkuk came under fierce attack last week by Daesh terrorist gangs and perception ofterrorists they will find a response from the components of Kirkuk, but the citizens of Kirkuk Tlahmwa with each other. " To the delegation of the Sadrist Amir tribes slaves in Iraq , Anwar al- Asi, who believed that "visited visit the Sadrist delegation to Kirkuk province and visit the home of the President of the Arab Group provincial council Burhan Mezher Assi great message united people , a bullet went to the sectarian that we are one people and one country, Kirkuk embraces everyone . " 
he accused the parliamentarians of Kirkuk , officials seeking to bring out the displaced people after an attempt Daesh control of the province a week ago. 
the governor of Kirkuk, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, in response to media statements to the deputy to meet with pink," the pink did not bother, since June events 2014, follow - up displaced from Anbar maintaining, or visit them only once for a few minutes and remained throughout the last term appears on television as she spoke of false information and false accusations have no basis in reality. " Karim added that "pink touched upon the destruction of the role and the forced return of the displaced people in the ill clear the security services and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan," adding , "we tell her that the administration ofKirkuk will not issue them any decision to demolition and deportation for the displaced." 
He stressed Necmettin cream that " the administration of Kirkuk and its people and its security forces were from the first moment of help and a support for the displaced when abandoned by their representatives and they were the victim of a gang Daesh terrorist were the positions of Kirkuk and its citizens that they shared their food and their homes with displaced people remained Kirkuk administration that voice defender them and Courier safe to return them to their areas liberated. " 
Addressing the displaced cream, according to the statement, saying , "you are like us and our guests , and that you pay attention to meet with the pink and some sounds that weeping on Daesh and their defeats, they themselves use Mosatkm to return once again to the political facade , which was a major cause of what you are doing today." In another context, MP said Kirkuk 's Arabs Khaled Mafraji, in an interview to the (long -Presse), said that " the continued control Daesh on Hawija keep Kirkuk and neighboring provinces at risk , " adding that " the international coalition presented edit Mosul , Hawija , for reasons related to the US elections which will hopefully take place during November. " 
Mafraji" The commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider al - Abadi, a command of the east of the Tigris operations, and entrusted to General Ali Fadil Amran, to prepare a force of three brigades to proceed with theliberalization of Hawija , "adding that there is " almost 850 policemen from the people of Hawija prepared to grab land in the judiciary after he had completed military training at the hands of Italian experts in Baghdad, provided that Assandem mobilize members of the Arab territories. "

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