BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called for an MP for the province of Anbar to meet with the pink on Saturday, the governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream to show "political and career discourse ethics", accusing him of trying to evade its responsibilities and refused to recognize the "violations"which affected civilians in Kirkuk. her pink in a statement today: it surprised "Kirkuk governor 's comments , which carries with it the evasion of responsibility placed upon himself and his attack on us , and his refusal to recognize the violations that occurred against innocent civilians by bombing their homes and displace them by force from the province." she added that "everyone watched video and audio the houses that were demolished and the families that have been displace forcibly and in violation of the law and the Constitution, where it was presented to the media and the meansof social communication , "pointing out that" this was done by members of the uniformed in the province, and this was confirmed by the United Nations Mission in Iraq and concerned organizations the rights of local and international rights as well as local members of Parliament officials from the province of Kirkuk. "She pink that" it is the moral duty and legal on the governorof Kirkuk , said the accountability of the criminals and bring them to crack and the protection of innocent civilians, but we did not see him any action to suggest this, but the opposite is trying to mislead public opinion through deny the existence of violations in the province and directed the abuses us being uncovered facts and defended the oppressed. "He called on the governor to" showthe ethics of political and functional speech and preoccupied with the performance of his duties entrusted to it by law and the Constitution that deals with the citizens of the province of Kirkuk without discrimination or differentiation and shows results of the investigation public opinion of those who committed these heinous crimes , and it saves the security, stability and prevent any violations. "The governor of Kirkuk accused, pink MP it did nothing for the displaced from Anbar to Kirkuk, adding it speaks of" false information "with regard to the demolition of the role which recently happened in Kirkuk.