BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq criticized the Iraqi Council of Representatives member Hoshyar Abdullah on Saturday, the silence of the international community and the US administration toward the disabled Kurdistan Regional Parliament for more than a year and a violation of the standards of democracy in the region . "He said in a statement today:" The continuation of disabled Regional Parliament Kurdistan for more than a year and the silence of the political parties towards this shameful act which violates the law and the Constitution and violates the principles of democracy is something very unfortunate represents a major setback and decline of the values that we have fought for it , "noting that" this case shows the lack of credibility of the internal and external actors to the people of the Kurdistan region and its constitutional institutions and above all the United States . "He explained Abdullah said" the continued intransigence by the Kurdistan Democratic party , headed by Barzani and actions that violate the law and the Constitution and the indifference of legislative and governmental institutions is increasing on a daily basis, especially the presence of blessing directly and indirectly , and support for their actions by the US side, particularly by the representative of the American president in the region Brett Macgork, note that within the Kurdish equation is known to everyone that Barzani personally and intimidating his party 's wide support and declared he commands by American diplomacy. " 
" It has been more than a year and the people of Kurdistan will of stolen and its parliament is disabled before the eyes of the international community, and a day there escalation against the parliament , which is the only party that represents the will of the people of Kurdistan legal and legitimate, and all this to satisfy Barzani , who has been in office as President of the region of 11 years and more 3 years is the president illegally through the extension of its mandate illegally ".oobdy Abdullah regret for" the existence of counterfeiting deliberate the facts about the war on Daesh by the people of Kurdistan, resistance against this terrorist organization is a pop - up resistance from the people of Kurdistan and not a heroic act by the Barzani , or any party , party, itis the outcome of the collective will of the citizens of the province despite the bad conditions and suffering of the non-arrival of their salaries and entitlements and plunder its oil wealth and the lackof transparency in oil revenue and internal revenue and the theft of their imports by a certain point, after all the sacrifices they made come a political point of exploiting their blood for outbidding political and apply through which partisan agendas ".ohdd Abdullah on" the need for the international community to pay attention to the suffering of the people of the Kurdistan region and understands the size of the seriousness of the political and economic conditions experienced by, and for Aejamml any point on the interest expense of the people. "