Erbil / Iraq News Network The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, said the province 's independence discussions will be launched following the liberation of Mosul gangs Daesh Alarhabiyh.oodhav Barzani , in an interview published today in the journal "Bild" German, as "we will meet immediately after the liberation of Mosul with our Baghdad talking to our independence, it has waited so long, and we believe that after 2003 there will be a new start for Iraq , a new democratic, but the hopes of the Kurds in the new Iraq have failed . "he pointed," here, we are not Arabs , but a Kurdish nation, and the international community to consider so in a realistic way, "noting that " we have, there is no Iraqi army and Iraqi police, and there will be a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan soon, to let the people decide . "the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani, had called last February to hold a referendum on the right selfdetermination in the Kurdistan region , the Kurdish people to decide their own destiny .obouksos battle of Mosul , said Nechirvan Barzani , the restoration of the city "will take place during three months at the most , " with the continuing progress of the Iraqi forces, saying "quickly controlled the suburbs, but what we do not know is any degree of density defend Daesh himself inside Mosul , ".ouhdhir saying , " they have hundreds of candidates for suicide attacks, be sure that there are workshops for making improvised explosive devices, and this would be a danger during the progress , ".utalb Barzani, of the European Union to provide greater financial assistance, interesting arrivals displaced from Mosul , also he called for equipping his forces with additional weapons from Prlin.ohdd on the need of the Peshmerga forces to the additional supply of weapons to fight Daesh, in answer to a question whether there is a need for additional units of anti-tank missiles [Milan]. "