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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq from Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre by preliminary investigation daquq



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Iraq from Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre by preliminary investigation daquq

Post by rocky on Sat 29 Oct 2016, 5:59 am

Iraq from Kirkuk: Iraqi aircraft behind the massacre by preliminary investigation daquq

 Kirkuk/long press 

Head of the parliamentary security and Defence Committee, Governor of Iraq on Friday, the formation of two committees to investigate an incident targeting Board consolation Husseini in HUP, last week. He noted that preliminary results showed an Iraqi aircraft involved in this incident.

He said Iraq, during a press conference held on the sidelines of the sadrist delegation visit to Kirkuk, and his presence (range), that "parliamentary and governmental committees have been formed to investigate the incident presented as sale in HUP to aerial bombardment, the Friday before last," pointing out that "preliminary investigation results believed Iraqi aircraft and our timing, but I can't say definitively in the incident".
The Parliamentary Committee on security, "he said," We firmly we billing all of causing bloodshed and results will be revealed soon, "adding that" the security and Defense Committee in the House of representatives will host the police chief and security chiefs to discuss the repercussions of Kirkuk to stand with them and help them because of the peculiarity of Kirkuk. "
Current situation the HUP, Friday before last, 65 killed and wounded a woman "an Iraqi warplanes" the consolation Husseini within one of husseiniyas.
And, Sadr delegation arrived yesterday to Kirkuk, a week after the city suffered a vicious attack by hundreds of ISIS. He said Salah al-Obaidi, head of the delegation and spokesman for the leader of the Sadr movement, leader Moqtada Sadr carried us safety and greetings to the citizens and administration of Kirkuk and presents its condolences to the families of martyrs and heroic attitude of the people of Kirkuk saluted rebounds ISIS that came to cover their defeats on all fronts especially connector ".
Obeidi added that "our visit to Kirkuk and meeting the Governor come to confirm our thanks to citizens and security forces and administration of Kirkuk", stressing that "our message is that the terrorist bands to ISIS sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr is secure Kirkuk and keep it from sacrilege."
Najmuddin said Kirkuk Governor cream, during the Conference, to "preserve the privilege of visiting delegation of Sadrists to Kirkuk and this is not the first visit them, expressing his thanks for the leader of Sadr's Sadr supervisory and bold positions."
Karim said that "Kirkuk came under fierce attack last week by terrorist and ISIS conceived gangs of terrorists they'll find responsive components of Kirkuk, but citizens of Kirkuk bonded together with each other." So Sadr delegation visited Amir tribes slaves in Iraq Anwar Assi, who said "the rib to visit Kirkuk governorate and visited the home of Arabic conservative Council group Burhan mizher sinner great message of a unified nation and a bullet went to cultists that we are one people and one country and Kirkuk embraces everyone."
Parliamentarians accused officials of Kirkuk to seek to bring out the displaced after ISIS attempt to control the province a week ago.
Governor of Kirkuk, said in a statement it had received (range), in response to the remarks of Deputy meet pink, pink didn't cost herself, since the events of June 2014, displaced from Al-Anbar province, or visit them only once for a few minutes and remained throughout the past period show across television screens speaking false and false accusations have no basis in reality. " Adding cream to pink turning to demolish the role and forced migration in clear abuse of security agencies and the PUK, "adding," we tell them to manage Kirkuk will not give off any decision to demolish and migrate to the displaced.
Najmuddin stressed cream to "manage Kirkuk and its people and its security services were from the first moment of help and support to displaced people when they abandoned their representatives and were victims of terrorist positions were ISIS gangs Kirkuk and citizens to share their food and their homes with the displaced and remained so Kirkuk management soundtrack on their guns and the courier to bring them back safe to their liberated."
Displaced persons addressed the cream, according to the statement, saying "you loved us and our guests and you notice that meet pink and some voices that cry on ISIS and their defeats, they themselves are using your diamonds to return again to the political interface was a major cause for what you are doing today." In another context, the Arabs of Kirkuk said Khalid almafraji, a (range), that "the continuing dominance of ISIS on Hawija Kirkuk and neighbouring provinces remain at risk," he said, adding that "International Alliance made edit connector to the Hawija for reasons of us elections which will hopefully take place during next November."
Almafraji added that "Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi, a leading Eastern Tigris, assigned to General Ali Imran, to set up a force of three brigades to begin editing the Hawija," Noting that there are approximately 850 residents of Hawija police poised to grab land in the judiciary after they have completed their military training by Italian experts in Baghdad, on condition that the ysndhem crowd Arabic areas. "

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